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Condensed Matter Publications 2015

[1] Realization of Vertically Aligned, Ultrahigh Aspect Ratio InAsSb Nanowires on Graphite, E. A. Anyebe, A. M. Sanchez, S. Hindmarsh, X. Chen, J. Shao, M. K. Rajpalke, T. D. Veal, B. J. Robinson, O. Kolosoy, F. Anderson, R. Sundaram, Z. M. Wang, V. Falko, Q. Zhuang, Nano Letters 15, 4348 (2015).

[2] Unconventional Superconductivity in La7Ir3 Revealed by Muon Spin Relaxation: Introducing a New Family of Noncentrosymmetric Superconductor That Breaks Time-Reversal Symmetry, J. A. T. Barker, D. Singh, A. Thamizhavel, A. D. Hillier, M. R. Lees, G. Balakrishnan, D. M. Paul, R. P. Singh, Physical Review Letters 115, 267001 (2015).

[3] Osmium Atoms and Os-2 Molecules Move Faster on Selenium-Doped Compared to Sulfur-Doped Boronic Graphenic Surfaces, N. P. E. Barry, A. Pitto-Barry, J. Tran, S. E. F. Spencer, A. M. Johansen, A. M. Sanchez, A. P. Dove, R. K. O'Reilly, R. J. Deeth, R. Beanland, P. J. Sadler, Chemistry of Materials 27, 5100 (2015).

[4] Thickness dependent stresses and thermal expansion of epitaxial LiNbO3 thin films on C-sapphire, A. Bartasyte, V. Plausinaitiene, A. Abrutis, S. Stanionyte, S. Margueron, V. Kubilius, P. Boulet, S. Huband, P. A. Thomas, Materials Chemistry and Physics 149, 622 (2015).

[5] Cu(0)-mediated living radical polymerisation in dimethyl lactamide (DML); an unusual green solvent with limited environmental impact, O. Bertrand, P. Wilson, J. A. Burns, G. A. Bell, D. M. Haddleton, Polymer Chemistry 6, 8319 (2015).

[6] Magnetic frustration, short-range correlations and the role of the paramagnetic Fermi surface of PdCrO2, D. Billington, D. Ernsting, T. E. Millichamp, C. Lester, S. B. Dugdale, D. Kersh, J. A. Duffy, S. R. Giblin, J. W. Taylor, P. Manuel, D. D. Khalyavin, H. Takatsu, Scientific Reports 5, 12428 (2015).

[7] Anomalies of a topologically ordered surface, D. Biswas, S. Thakur, K. Ali, G. Balakrishnan, K. Maiti, Scientific Reports 5, 10260 (2015).

[8] Exceptional surface and bulk electronic structures in a topological insulator, Bi2Se3, D. Biswas, S. Thakur, G. Balakrishnan, K. Maiti, Scientific Reports 5, 17351 (2015).

[9] Robust local and nonlocal transport in the topological Kondo insulator SmB6 in the presence of a high magnetic field, S. Biswas, R. Nagarajan, S. Sarkar, K. R. Amin, M. C. Hatnean, S. Tewari, G. Balakrishnan, A. Bid, Physical Review B 92, 085103 (2015).

[10] The c(4 x 4)-a(1 x 3) surface reconstruction transition on InSb(001): Static versus dynamic conditions, J. J. Bomphrey, M. J. Ashwin, T. S. Jones, G. R. Bell, Results in Physics 5, 154 (2015).

[11] Reproducible, stable and fast electrochemical activity from easy to make graphene on copper electrodes, C. Bosch-Navarro, Z. P. L. Laker, J. P. Rourke, N. R. Wilson, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17, 29628 (2015).

[12] Covalently Binding Atomically Designed Au-9 Clusters to Chemically Modified Graphene, C. Bosch-Navarro, Z. P. L. Laker, H. R. Thomas, A. J. Marsden, J. Sloan, N. R. Wilson, J. P. Rourke, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 54, 9560 (2015).

[13] Covalent modification of exfoliated fluorographite with nitrogen functionalities, C. Bosch-Navarro, M. Walker, N. R. Wilson, J. P. Rourke, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3, 7627 (2015).

[14] Adsorbate-induced surface stress, surface strain and surface reconstruction: CH3S on Cu(100) and Cu(111), M. K. Bradley, D. P. Woodruff, J. Robinson, D. C. Sheppard, A. Hentz, Surface Science 635, 27 (2015).

[15] Molecular orbital tomography for adsorbed molecules: is a correct description of the final state really unimportant?, A. M. Bradshaw, D. P. Woodruff, New Journal of Physics 17, 013033 (2015).

[16] Magnetic ground state of the two isostructual polymeric quantum magnets Cu(HF2)(pyrazine)(2)SbF6 and Co(HF2)(pyrazine)(2) SbF6 investigated with neutron powder diffraction, J. Brambleby, P. A. Goddard, R. D. Johnson, J. Liu, D. Kaminski, A. Ardavan, A. J. Steele, S. J. Blundell, T. Lancaster, P. Manuel, P. J. Baker, J. Singleton, S. G. Schwalbe, P. M. Spurgeon, H. E. Tran, P. K. Peterson, J. F. Corbey, J. L. Manson, Physical Review B 92, 134406 (2015).

[17] Metachronal waves in the flagellar beating of Volvox and their hydrodynamic origin, D. R. Brumley, M. Polin, T. J. Pedley, R. E. Goldstein, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 12, 20141358 (2015).

[18] Determination of spin and orbital magnetization in the ferromagnetic superconductor UCoGe, M. W. Butchers, J. A. Duffy, J. W. Taylor, S. R. Giblin, S. B. Dugdale, C. Stock, P. H. Tobash, E. D. Bauer, C. Paulsen, Physical Review B 92, 121107 (2015).

[19] Quality Heterostructures from Two-Dimensional Crystals Unstable in Air by Their Assembly in Inert Atmosphere, Y. Cao, A. Mishchenko, G. L. Yu, E. Khestanova, A. P. Rooney, E. Prestat, A. V. Kretinin, P. Blake, M. B. Shalom, C. Woods, J. Chapman, G. Balakrishnan, I. V. Grigorieva, K. S. Novoselov, B. A. Piot, M. Potemski, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. J. Haigh, A. K. Geim, R. V. Gorbachev, Nano Letters 15, 4914 (2015).

[20] Bayesian Estimation of Density via Multiple Sequential Inversions of Two-Dimensional Images With Application to Electron Microscopy, D. Chakrabarty, N. Gabrielyan, F. Rigat, R. Beanland, S. Paul, Technometrics 57, 217 (2015).

[21] Effects of rare-earth size on the electronic structure of La1-xLuxVO3, B. Chen, J. Laverock, D. Newby, J. F. McNulty, K. E. Smith, P. A. Glans, J. H. Guo, R. M. Qiao, W. L. Yang, M. R. Lees, L. D. Tung, R. P. Singh, G. Balakrishnan, J. Phys.-Condes. Matter 27, 105503 (2015).

[22] Fabrication and orientation control of highly cation-ordered epitaxial PbSc0.5Ta0.5O3 thin films on Si (100), A. Chopra, M. Alexe, D. Hesse, Journal of Applied Physics 117, 044102 (2015).

[23] Evidence of double-gap superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric Nb0.18Re0.82 single crystals, C. Cirillo, R. Fittipaldi, M. Smidman, G. Carapella, C. Attanasio, A. Vecchione, R. P. Singh, M. R. Lees, G. Balakrishnan, M. Cuoco, Physical Review B 91, 134508 (2015).

[24] Characterisation of hidden defects using the near-field ultrasonic enhancement of Lamb waves, A. R. Clough, R. S. Edwards, Ultrasonics 59, 64 (2015).

[25] A. R. Clough, R. S. Edwards, Detection of Hidden Defects Using Near Field Ultrasonic Enhancement, in: D. E. Chimenti, L. J. Bond (Eds.) 41st Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, Vol 34, 2015, pp. 1368.

[26] Nanocrystalline Ferroelectric BiFeO3 Thin Films by Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition, M. Coll, J. Gazquez, I. Fina, Z. Khayat, A. Quindeau, M. Alexe, M. Varela, S. Trolier-McKinstry, X. Obradors, T. Puig, Chemistry of Materials 27, 6322 (2015).

[27] Microalgae Scatter off Solid Surfaces by Hydrodynamic and Contact Forces, M. Contino, E. Lushi, I. Tuval, V. Kantsler, M. Polin, Physical Review Letters 115, 258102 (2015).

[28] Dispersionless Spin Waves and Underlying Field-Induced Magnetic Order in Gadolinium Gallium Garnet, N. d'Ambrumenil, O. A. Petrenko, H. Mutka, P. P. Deen, Physical Review Letters 114, 227203 (2015).

[29] Control of chemical state of cerium in doped anatase TiO2 by solvothermal synthesis and its application in photocatalytic water reduction, J. F. de Lima, M. H. Harunsani, D. J. Martin, D. Kong, P. W. Dunne, D. Gianolio, R. J. Kashtiban, J. Sloan, O. A. Serra, J. W. Tang, R. I. Walton, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3, 9890 (2015).

[30] Microstructure and properties of epitaxial Sr2FeMoO6 films containing SrMoO4 precipitates, H. Deniz, D. Preziosi, M. Alexe, D. Hesse, C. Eisenschmidt, G. Schmidt, L. Pintilie, Journal of Materials Science 50, 3131 (2015).

[31] Structural, optical and vibrational properties of self-assembled Pbn+1(Ti1-xFex)(n)O3n+1-delta Ruddlesden-Popper superstructures, K. I. Doig, J. J. P. Peters, S. Nawaz, D. Walker, M. Walker, M. R. Lees, R. Beanland, A. M. Sanchez, C. F. McConville, V. R. Palkar, J. Lloyd-Hughes, Scientific Reports 5, 7719 (2015).

[32] Probing the Molecular Architecture of Arabidopsis thaliana Secondary Cell Walls Using Two- and Three-Dimensional C-13 Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, R. Dupree, T. J. Simmons, J. C. Mortimer, D. Patel, D. Iuga, S. P. Brown, P. Dupree, Biochemistry 54, 2335 (2015).

[33] R. S. Edwards, F. Hernandez-Valle, A. R. Clough, M. H. Rosli, Interaction of Ultrasonic Waves with Surface-breaking Defects, in: D. E. Chimenti, L. J. Bond (Eds.) 41st Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, Vol 34, 2015, pp. 1360.

[34] An in vitro model of mesenchymal stem cell targeting using magnetic particle labelling, A. J. El Haj, J. R. Glossop, H. S. Sura, M. R. Lees, B. Hu, S. Wolbank, M. van Griensven, H. Redl, J. Dobson, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 9, 724 (2015).

[35] T. J. R. Eriksson, S. N. Ramadas, A. Unger, M. Hoffman, M. Kupnik, S. M. Dixon, Ieee, Flexural Transducer Arrays for Industrial Non-Contact Applications, in: 2015 Ieee International Ultrasonics Symposium, 2015.

[36] The Nature of Magnetoelectric Coupling in Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3-Pb(Fe,Ta)O-3, D. M. Evans, M. Alexe, A. Schilling, A. Kumar, D. Sanchez, N. Ortega, R. S. Katiyar, J. F. Scott, J. M. Gregg, Advanced Materials 27, 6068 (2015).

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[38] Narrow heavy-hole cyclotron resonances split by the cubic Rashba spin-orbit interaction in strained germanium quantum wells, M. Failla, M. Myronov, C. Morrison, D. R. Leadley, J. Lloyd-Hughes, Physical Review B 92, 045303 (2015).

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[47] On the Mechanism of Cuprate Crystal Growth: The Role of Mixed Metal Carbonates, D. C. Green, R. Boston, S. Glatzel, M. R. Lees, S. C. Wimbush, J. Potticary, W. Ogasawara, S. R. Hall, Advanced Functional Materials 25, 4700 (2015).

[48] Vitrification of beta-tricalcium phosphate in sodium aluminoborophosphate glass and the effect of Ga3+ substitution, A. T. Grigg, A. J. Marsden, M. Mee, S. Feller, S. K. Fong, P. M. Mallinson, R. Dupree, D. Holland, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 231, 175 (2015).

[49] Interfacial Engineering of Semiconductor-Superconductor Junctions for High Performance Micro-Coolers, D. Gunnarsson, J. S. Richardson-Bullock, M. J. Prest, H. Q. Nguyen, A. V. Timofeev, V. A. Shah, T. E. Whall, E. H. C. Parker, D. R. Leadley, M. Myronov, M. Prunnila, Scientific Reports 5, 17398 (2015).

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[51] An investigation of Zr doping in NaBiTi2O6 perovskite by direct hydrothermal synthesis, M. H. Harunsani, D. I. Woodward, P. A. Thomas, R. I. Walton, Dalton Transactions 44, 10714 (2015).

[52] Growth of single-crystals of rare-earth zirconate pyrochlores, Ln(2)Zr(2)O(7) (with Ln=La, Nd, Sm, and Gd) by the floating zone technique, M. C. Hatnean, M. R. Lees, G. Balakrishnan, Journal of Crystal Growth 418, 1 (2015).

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