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Marin Alexe

Marin Alexe, Group Head

Hangbo Zhang

Hangbo Zhang, PhD 2018 - Present

My PhD project mainly focuses on the photovoltaic effect on asymmetric materials. I am currently working on the circular photovoltaic in BFO thin film, wherein the spin-orbit effect plays a crucial role.
I am quite interested in the thermodynamic calculation, simulation and modelling with Mathematica, MATLAB and COMSOL.
You can find more information about my research on this website: opens in a new window

Daniela Dogaru, PhD 2017 - Present

My work focuses on investigating the electronic and magnetic structure of perovskite oxide thin films such as SrRuO3 or La1-xSrxMnO3 through charge transport experiments. In more practical terms, I grow thin films using the Pulsed Laser Deposition technique and build devices by photolithography that allow the analysis of their electro-magnetic properties; devices that are often based also on ferroelectrics such as BiFeO3 or PbTiO3. My PhD project thus explores new functionalities of oxide perovskite compounds such as interface-induced phenomena or formation of topological entities such as skyrmions.

Dorin Rusu

Dorin Rusu, PhD 2017 - Present

Max Kissel

Max Kissel, MSc 2021

During my master thesis I’m investigating the photoelectric properties of dislocations in oxide ceramics. My home university (TU Darmstadt) developed a process to plastically deform ceramics leading to controlled dislocation structures in the material. These dislocations and their arrangement influence the functional properties. I’m working with SrTiO3 and TiO2 single crystals and use C-AFM as well as simple devices build by photolithography to analyse their photoelectric properties.

Ram's picture
My research interests involve exploration of novel semiconductor devices and physics underneath. Currently, I am working on small angle twisting of sub-nanometre scale ferroelectric thin films and investigation of electronic properties of these quantum systems. I am also keen to explore wearable thin film transistors for advanced technologies. Earlier, I have worked on Ga2O3-based solar-blind photodetectors for harsh environment applications.

Michael Crosbie, Group Technician