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Functional Electronic Materials


What we do

We are an experimental physics group who aim to probe the fundamental nature of multiferroics, employing a wide range of techniques. A combination of our various Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) systems combined with a plethora of characterisation methods, and advanced photolithography techniques allows us to not only produce thin film samples, but to fully characterise them and then design and create devices with them. This comes with a strong ethos that all students can take a substrate all the way through to a functional (functional in every sense of the word) device. For more information on current research and members, recent publications and open positions please use the links to the right.

Dr Marios Hadjimichael has joined our group as Assistant Professor in January 2024. Marios' research interests include the study of ferroelectric films and multilayers with a focus on the intrinsic electronic and structural properties of ferroelectric domain walls, and strain engineering of complex oxide systems that exhibit phenomena such as metal-to-insulator transitions or superconductivity.