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Walking Instructions from main campus Driving Instructions from main campus

Walking Directions from Main Campus

From University Road follow the signs for "University House".

millburn_directions_1.jpgOnce you are walking along a wide path take the right turn just before University house on to Millburn Hill Road.
This turning is signposted to "Millburn House"

For the Offices (university personnel only)

millburn_directions_2.jpg After 250m turn left.down a light paved path.
millburn_directions_3.jpg Follow the road around to the left, towards the wood clad building.
millburn_directions_4.jpg Enter the building via the card access door in the corner.

Go up one floor using the stairs to your left to the first floor.
Go through the doors.
For the offices starting A1 turn left throught the card entry door.
For the offices starting F turn right and follow the corridoor round to the right down a slight slope and through a fire door. (~20m)
Follow the corridoor around to the right and you are now in the correct location.

For the Laboratory

millburn_directions_5.jpg After 300m turn left down a tarmac road.

Go past the barrier.

millburn_directions_7.jpg Enter the building via the large glass frontage on your left.

Once inside there is a phone on your left which you can use to phone your contact.

Some contact numbers are:-

Dr Dinu Iuga (850 Manager) 50814
NMR Lab 50804 and 50805
EPR Lab 50797

Driving Directions from the Physics Department on Main Campus.

Millburn House's post code is CV4 7HS

  • Turn left out of the car park on to University Road.
  • Turn right (3rd exit) at the roundabout (next to the Gatehouse, red framed small building) on to Gibbet Hill Road.
  • After 250m turn right (3rd exit) at the next roundabout (just after the Varsity pub) on to Kirby Corner Road.
  • After 1000m at the first roundabout turn right (2nd exit) on to Lynchgate Road.
  • Driving past Tescos on your left, after 350m as the road bends round to the left turn right on to Sir Williams Lyons Road.
  • After 200m turn left at the mini roundabout.
  • After 140m (2nd turn) turn right in to Millburn House and park on your left. Please note that parking is restricted so a parking permit must be obtained from your contact. This car park is NOT pay and display.

A short version of the instructions are:-

Turn left out of the car park, right at the first 3 roundabouts you get to, then first right, left at the roundabout and second right.