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Complaints Procedure

Queries should be addressed to the local management team (LMT). If you are dissatisfied with the response, the formal complaints procedure is:

A complaint will be considered, first, by the full Facility Executive (FE) and second, if unanimous agreement of the FE is not reached, the External Advisory Committee (EAB) are asked to arbitrate. The LMT maintains a formal logging of all complaints and the actions taken that is overseen by the Oversight Committee (OC).

Applicants are advised to address complaints (as well as queries) relating to time allocation to the Facility Director (Professor Steven Brown, who is not a member of the time allocation panel (TAP).

Other complaints are addressed to the designated FE member who oversees the questionnaires (Dr Jeremy Titman (note that this is distinct from users providing comments for improvement in the questionnaires).

In both cases, the Chair of the OC is to be cced in on the correspondence.