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Fast track applications

The Facility Executive has agreed that up to 5 % of total time (i.e., 9 days per 6 month allocation) is keep back for fast-track applications.

Fast-track time is to be allocated where there is a compelling case that the allocated time is essential:

(i) to enable a publication that is likely to result in a high number of citations, e.g., to respond to referee comments

OR (ii) to enable a full proposal to be made for 850 MHz or 1 GHz time to the next time allocation panel (TAP), i.e., to get the preliminary data to make the case, or after receiving feedback from the TAP.

OR (iii) for PhD students or researchers who need to complete a project urgently before the end of their positions.

Applications are to be in the form of a 2-page pdf proposal that addresses the same issues as per a normal TAP application and additionally states any similarities to previous TAP or fast-track applications and why there is a compelling case for fast-track time. Specifically, it is to be organised into the following sections:

  • (1) Introduction and scientific background.
  • (2) State any similarities to previous fast-track proposals or proposals to a time-allocation panel, giving the proposal code(s) and the number of days requested and allocated.
  • (3) Preliminary data obtained at lower field and/ or previous results obtained at the 850 MHz or 1 GHz national research facility instruments.
  • (4) Justification for the need for high-field (or other specialised facility probe capabilities), and why there is a compelling case for fast-track time.
  • (5) Experiments to be performed: to include a list of all samples, which probe(s) and which configuration (i.e., nuclei, required MAS frequency and nutation frequency) is/ are required, and any special experimental conditions (e.g., high or low temperature). Clearly indicate the number of days requested.
  • (6) Additional optional information: If the PI wishes (note it is not a requirement), he/she may indicate (within the 2 page limit) the names and experience of those who would be carrying out the experiments at the facility.

A fast-track application is for maximum of 3 days spectrometer time.

A single PI can only make two fast-track applications per 6-month time-allocation period.

Applications are to be made directly by email to the facility manager (

A fast-track application will be reviewed by two members of the Facility Executive. Time will be allocated only if both reviews are in agreement to allocate time.