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4 mm HX (low gamma) H13892B

Probe description: PH MASDVT850W6 BL4 103Rh-13C/1H

Tuning range:

1H-range X-range Comments
1H 850 MHz 13C 140 MHz - 217 MHz
short circuit screw unscrewed
1H 850 MHz 25Mg 24 MHz - 148 MHz short circuit screw 1H turned in

Probe Test Results (Stated 90o pulse lengths are the best achieved during installation. To reduce risk of damage to the probes, facility users should use slightly lower RF nutation frequencies (i.e. longer 90o pulse lengths) where possible. Please discuss with the facility manager appropriate RF nutation frequencies for your experiments.)

Nucleus 90o pulse (us) Power (db) Power (W) Configuration Sample
1H 2.5 -3 360 λ/2 adamantane
79Br 2.9 -0.1 300 λ/2 KBr
15N 4 -3.25 743 λ/4 glycine 15N enriched
25Mg 7 -1 600 λ/4 MgO