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1.2 GHz probes (as ordered)

Ordered from Bruker: HFXYD 5-channel rf console

For solid-state NMR:

MAS probes ordered from Bruker:

0.7 mm HX (15N to 11B)

1.3 mm HCN fixed frequency

1.3 mm HX (14N to 27Al)

1.9 mm HX (31P to 13C)

1.9 mm HX (14N to 27Al)

3.2 mm Efree HCN fixed frequency

3.2 mm HX (15N to 11B)

MAS probes ordered from Phoenix:

HFXY probe body with:

1.2 mm HFXY probehead (reduced 1H background)

1.6 mm HFXY probehead (reduced 19F background)

HX probe body and 4 mm HX probehead

For solution-state NMR

cryo-platform (air-cooled)

3 mm TCI cryo-probe

5 mm TXO cryo-probe