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UK 850 MHz Solid-State NMR Facility Annual Symposium

Thursday March 26th 2015 Please complete form at bottom of page to register. Venue: Millburn House (building 40) on the campus map (F2 F3) Arrival instructions:

Programme 10:30 – 11:00 Registration Morning Session 11:00 – 11.25 A 3D Experiment that Provides Isotropic Homonuclear Correlation of Half-Integer Quadrupolar Nuclei Dinu Iuga, University of Warwick 11:25 – 11:50 Solid-State NMR Studies of the Local Environment of Alkaline Earth Metal Ions in Inorganic and Hybrid Biomaterials Danielle Laurencin, Institut Charles Gerhardt de Montpellier, France 11:50 – 12:15 Investigating FAM-N Conversion Pulses for MQMAS Henri Colaux, University of St Andrews 12:15 – 12:40 Investigating the Defect Chemistries in Fast Ion Conductors by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy Frédéric Blanc, University of Liverpool 12.40 – 12:55 The UK 850 MHz Solid-State NMR Facility - Future Operation Steven Brown, University of Warwick 12:55 14:00 Lunch Afternoon Session One 14:00 - 14:25 Explaining Bone Pathologies: a Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy Approach Provides a New Model of Bone Mineral Melinda Duer, University of Cambridge 14:25 – 14:50 Understanding Self-Assembly Process at Molecular Level: Structure and Function of Guanosine Derivatives Manjunatha Reddy, University of Warwick 14:50 – 15:15 ADORable Zeolites and Magnetic MOFs Russell Morris, University of St Andrews 15:15 – 15:45 Coffee Break Afternoon Session Two 15:45 – 16:10 Indirect Detection of Nitrogen-14 in Biological Molecules by Solid-State NMR James Jarvis, University of Southampton 16:10 – 16:35 New In-situ NMR Strategies for Monitoring Crystallization Processes Kenneth Harris, Cardiff University 16:35 Close of Meeting There is no charge for attending the symposium, but you are asked to register using the below online form by March 16th 2015.
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