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850 MHz facility Opening Symposium

Opening Symposium for the UK 850 MHz solid-state NMR facility

Thursday October 28th

Venue: International Digital Laboratory: building 26 on the campus map (F4)


13:30 registration

14:00 welcome

14:10 Marc Baldus, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

14:45 Rod Wasylishen, University of Alberta, Canada

15:20 tea break

15:50 Clare Grey, University of Cambridge, U.K.

16:25 introduction to David Delpy

16:35 David Delpy, Chief Executive EPSRC

17:10 walk to Millburn House for “opening” and drinks reception + tours of the facility

If you require lunch before the symposium, food can be purchased from Eating at Warwick outlets

There is no charge for attending the symposium, but you are asked to register using the below online form by October 14th.
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