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About Us

The Quantum Technology Lab at Warwick develops diamond material and devices for quantum science and technology.

Gavin Morley

Gavin's group creates quantum science and technology based on nitrogen-vacancy colour centres in diamond. We have built sensitive fibre-coupled diamond magnetometers and we are developing diamond chips for quantum computing. We magnetically levitate micron-sized diamonds in vacuum towards testing fundamental physics.

Mark Newton

Mark's research focuses on understanding, controlling and exploiting the properties of colour centres and dopant atoms in diamond (Quantum Technology); developing sensors that exploit the extreme and unique combination of properties offered by diamond, and; developing new techniques in magnetic and optical spectroscopy.

Ben Green

Ben's primary focus is the identification and exploitation of technologically useful point defects in diamond: this is driven through a mixture of electron paramagnetic resonance and coherent optical experiments, with an emphasis on the understanding and control of defects with the potential to act as spin-photon interfaces.