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S. Dushenko, M. Koike, Y. Ando, T. Shinjo, M. Myronov and M. Shiraishi
Experimental Demonstration of Room-Temperature Spin Transport in n-Type Germanium Epilayers.
Physical Review Letters 114, 196602 (2015)

G. Colston, M. Myronov, S.D. Rhead, D.R. Leadley
Analysis of Surface Defects in Si1-yCy Epilayers Formed by the Oversaturation of Carbon
Semiconductor Science and Technology 30, 114003 (2015)

J. Halpin, S.D. Rhead, A. Sanchez, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley
Growth of complex SiGe/Ge superlattices by reduced pressure chemical vapour deposition at low temperature
Semiconductor Science and Technology 30, 114009 (2015)

D. Gunnarsson, J.S. Richardson-Bullock, M.J. Prest, N.Q. Hung, A.V. Timofeev, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, D. R. Leadley, M. Myronov, M. Prunnila
Interfacial Engineering of Semiconductor–Superconductor Junctions for High Performance Micro-Coolers
Scientific Reports 5, 17398 (2015)

Fan Li, Yogesh Sharma, Vishal Shah, Mike Jennings, Amador Pérez-Tomás, Maksym Myronov, Craig Fisher, David Leadley and Phil Mawby
Electrical activation of nitrogen implanted 3C-SiC(100) using deposited SiO2 as a capping layer
Applied Surface Science 353, 958–963 (2015)

M. Failla, C. Morrison, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley and J. Lloyd-Hughes
Narrow heavy-hole cyclotron resonances split by the Rashba spin-orbit interaction in strained germanium quantum wells
Physical Review B 92, 045303 (2015)

P.J. Newton, J. Llandro, R. Mansell, S.N. Holmes, C. Morrison, J. Foronda, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley and C.H.W. Barnes
Magnetotransport in p-type Ge quantum well narrow wire arrays
Applied Physics Letters 106, 172102 (2015)

M Myronov, C Morrison, J Halpin, S Rhead, J Foronda, and D Leadley
Revealing high room and low temperatures mobilities of 2D holes in a strained Ge quantum well heterostructures grown on a standard Si (001) substrate
Solid-State Electronics 110, 35-39 (2015)

V.A. Shah, S.D. Rhead, J. Finch, M. Myronov, J.S. Reparaz, R.J. Morris, N.R. Wilson, V. Kachkanov, I.P. Dolbnya, J.E. Halpin, D. Patchett, P. Allred, G. Colston, K.J.S. Sawhney, C.M. Sotomayor Torres, D.R. Leadley
Electrical properties and strain distribution of Ge suspended structures
Solid State Electronics 108, 13, (2015)

J.S. Richardson-Bullock, M.J. Prest, V.A Shah, D. Gunnarsson, M. Prunnila, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, R.Morris, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, D.R. Leadley
Comparison of electron-phonon and hole-phonon energy loss rates in silicon
Solid State Electronics 103, 40-43, (2015)

M J Prest, J S Richardson-Bullock, Q T Zhao, J T Muhonen, D Gunnarsson, M Prunnila, V A Shah, T E Whall, E H C Parker, D R Leadley
Superconducting platinum silicide for electron cooling in silicon
Solid State Electronics 103, 15-18, (2015)


C. Morrison, M. Myronov, P. Wiśniewski, S.D. Rhead, J. Foronda, and D.R. Leadley
Observation of Rashba zero-field spin splitting in a strained Germanium 2D hole gas
Applied Physics Letters 105, 182401 (2014)

D.C.S. Dumas, K. Gallacher, S. Rhead, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley and D.J. Paul
Ge/SiGe Quantum Confined Stark Effect Modulators with Low Voltage Swing at λ = 1550 nm
Optics Express 22, 19284-19292 (2014)

T.L.R. Brien, P.A.R. Ade, P.S. Barry, C. Dunscombe, D.R. Leadley, D.V. Morozov, M. Myronov, E.H.C. Parker, M.J. Prest, M. Prunnila, R.V. Sudiwala, T.E. Whall, and P.D. Mauskopf
A Strained Silicon Cold Electron Bolometer using Schottky Contacts
Applied Physics Letters 105, 043509 (2014)

S.D. Rhead, J.E. Halpin, V.A. Shah, M. Myronov, D.H. Patchett, P.S. Allred, V. Kachkanov, I.P. Dolbnya, J.S. Reparaz, N.R. Wilson, C. M. Sotomayor Torres and D.R. Leadley
Tensile Strain Mapping in Flat Germanium Membranes
Applied Physics Letters 104, 172107 (2014)

V.A. Shah, S. Rhead, J Halpin, O. Trushkevych, E. Chávez-Ángel, M. Myronov, J.S. Reparaz, R. Edwards, F. Alzina, A. Shchepetov, S. Kachkanov, N. R. Wilson, I. Dolbnya, D.H. Patchett, P.S. Allred, M.J. Prest, P.M. Gammon, M. Prunnila, T.E.Whall, E.H.C. Parker, C.M. Sotomayor Torres, D.R. Leadley
High Quality Single Crystal Ge Nano-Membranes for Opto-Electronic Integrated Circuitry
Journal of Applied Physics 115, 144307 (2014)

D.C.S. Dumas, K. Gallacher, R. Millar, I. MacLaren, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley, and D.J. Paul
Silver antimony ohmic contacts to moderately-doped n-type germanium
Applied Physics Letters 104, 162101 (2014)

O. Trushkevych, V.A. Shah, M. Myronov, J.E. Halpin, S.D. Rhead, M.J. Prest, D.R. Leadley, R.S. Edwards
Laser-vibrometric ultrasonic characterisation of resonant modes and quality factors of Ge membranes
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 15, 025004 (2014)

A.H.A. Hassan, O.A. Mironov, R.J.H. Morris, D. Walker, S. Huband, A. Dobbie, R. Beanland, M. Myronov and D.R. Leadley
Anisotropy in the 2DHG mobility measured in a strained Ge quantum well
Applied Physics Letters 104, 132108 (2014)

C. Wongwanitwattana, V.A. Shah, M. Myronov, E.H.C. Parker, T.E. Whall, D.R. Leadley
Precision plasma etching of Si, Ge and Ge:P by SF6 with added O2
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 32, 031302 (2014)

V.A. Shah, M. Myronov, A. Shchepetov, J. Halpin, S. Rhead, M.J. Prest, M. Prunnila, P.M. Gammon, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, and D.R. Leadley
Flat single crystal Ge membranes for sensors and opto-electronic integrated circuitry
Solid State Electronics (2014)

M. Myronov, C. Morrison, J. Halpin, S. Rhead, C. Casteleiro, J. Foronda, V.A. Shah, and D.R. Leadley
An extremely high room temperature mobility of two-dimensional holes in a strained Ge quantum well heterostructure grown by reduced pressure chemical vapor deposition
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 53, 04EH02 (2014)


C.W. Burrows, C. W., A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, T. P. A. Hase, S. B. Wilkins, M. Walker, J. J. Mudd, I. Maskery, M. R. Lees, C. F. McConville, D. R. Leadley and G. R. Bell
Heteroepitaxial Growth of Ferromagnetic MnSb(0001) Films on Ge/Si(111) Virtual Substrates.
Crystal Growth & Design 13(11): 4923-4929, (2013)

S. Wirths, A. T. Tiedemann, Z. Ikonic, P. Harrison, B. Hollander, T. Stoica, G. Mussler, M. Myronov, J. M. Hartmann, D. Grutzmacher, D. Buca, S. Mantl
Band engineering and growth of tensile strained Ge/(Si)GeSn heterostructures for tunnel field effect transistors.
Applied Physics Letters 102(19): 192103, (2013)

B. Xu, C. Li, M. Myronov and K. Fobelets
n-Si-p-Si1-xGex nanowire arrays for thermoelectric power generation.
Solid-State Electronics 83: 107-112, (2013)

R.E. Warburton, G. Intermite, M. Myronov, P. Allred, D.R. Leadley, K. Gallagher, D. J. Paul, N. J. Pilgrim, L.J.M. Lever, Z. Ikonic, R.W. Kelsall, G.S. Buller
Ge-on-Si single photon avalanche diode detectors: Design, modeling, fabrication, and characterization at 1310 and 1550nm
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 60, 2282712 (2013)

Van Huy Nguyen, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, D. R. Leadley
High Quality Relaxed Germanium Layers Grown on (110) and (111) Silicon Substrates with Reduced Stacking Fault Formation
Journal of Applied Physics 114, 154306 (2013)

V.A. Shah, M. Myronov, A. Dobbie and D.R. Leadley
Introduction of terraces into a reverse linearly graded SiGe buffer on Si(001) substrate and their effect on the buffer's structural properties
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 2, Q40-44 (2013)


L. Lever, Z. Ikoni´c, A. Valavanis, R.W. Kelsall, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley, Y. Hu, N. Owens, F.Y. Gardes, and G.T. Reed
Optical absorption in highly-strained Ge/SiGe quantum wells: the role of G→D scattering
Journal of Applied Physics 112, 123105 (2012)

V A Shah, M Myronov, C Wongwanitwatana, L. Bawden, M J Prest, J S Richardson-Bullock, S. Rhead, E H C Parker, T E Whall, D R Leadley.
Electrical isolation of dislocations in Ge layers on Si(001) substrates through CMOS compatible suspended structures
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 13 055002 (2012)

A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, R.J.H. Morris, A.H.A. Hassan, M.J. Prest, J. S. Richardson-Bullock, V.A. Shah, E.H.C. Parker, T.E. Whall, and D.R. Leadley
Ultra-High Hall Mobility of One Million in a Two-Dimensional Hole Gas in a Strained Germanium Quantum Well
Applied Physics Letters 101, 172108 (2012)

A. Dobbie, Van Huy Nguyen, M. Myronov and D.R. Leadley
Growth of smooth, low defect germanium layers on (111) silicon via an intermediate islanding process
Applied Physics Express 5 071301 (2012)

R.J.H. Morris M.G. Dowsett, R. Beanland, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov and D.R. Leadley.
Overcoming low Ge ionization and erosion rate variation for quantitative uleSIMS depth profiles of Si1 xGex/Ge quantum well structures.
Analytical Chemistry 84, 2292–2298 (2012)

A. Dobbie, Van Huy Nguyen, R.J.H. Morris, Xue-Chao Liu, M. Myronov and D.R. Leadley
Thermal Stability of Thin Compressively Strained Ge Surface Channels Grown on Relaxed Si0.2Ge0.8 Reverse-Graded Buffers
Journal of Electrochemical Society 159 H490-496 (2012)

C. Riddet, J.R. Watling, K-H. Chan, E.H.C. Parker, T.E. Whall, D.R. Leadley and A. Asenov
Hole Mobility in Germanium as a Function of Substrate and Channel Orientation, Strain, Doping and Temperature
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 59, 1878-1884 (2012)

K. Gallacher, P. Velha, D.J. Paul, I. MacLaren, M. Myronov, and D.R. Leadley
Ohmic Contacts to n-type Germanium with Low Specific Contact Resistivity
Applied Physics Letters 100, 022113 (2012)

B. Xu, C. Li, K. Thielemans, M. Myronov and K. Fobelets
Thermoelectric Performance of Si0.8Ge0.2 Nanowire Arrays.
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 59(12): 3193-3198, (2012)


L. Lever, Y. Hu, M. Myronov, X. Liu, N. Owens, F.Y. Gardes, I.P. Marko, S.J. Sweeney, Z. Ikonić, D.R. Leadley, G.T. Reed, and R.W. Kelsall
Modulation of the absorption coefficient at 1.3 μm in Ge/SiGe multiple quantum well heterostructures on silicon
Optics Letters, 36, 4158-4160 (2011)

S.M.Thomas, M.J.Prest, T.E.Whall, D.R.Leadley, E.H.C.Parker, F. Conzattib , N. Serra, D. Esseni, M. De Michielis, A. Paussa, P. Palestri, L. Selmi, L. Donetti, F. Gámiz, R.J.P. Lander, G. Vellianitis, P.-E. Hellström, G. Malm, M. Östling
On the role of Coulomb scattering in hafnium-silicate gated silicon n and p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistors
Journal of Applied Physics 110, 124503 (2011)

M. J. Prest, J.T. Muhonen, M. Prunnila, D. Gunnarsson, V.A. Shah, J S. Richardson-Bullock, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, R.J.H. Morris, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker and D.R. Leadley.
Strain Enhanced Electron Cooling in a Degenerately Doped Semiconductor
Applied Physics Letters, 99, 251908 (2011) [arXiv:1111.0465]

L. Donetti, F. Gámiz, S.M. Thomas, T.E. Whall, D.R. Leadley, P.E. Hellström, G. Malm, M. Östling
Hole effective mass in silicon inversion layers with different substrate orientations and channel directions.
Journal of Applied Physics, 110, 063711 (2011)

J.T. Muhonen, M.J. Prest, M. Prunnila, D. Gunnarsson, V. Shah, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, R.J.H. Morris, T.E.Whall, E.H.C.Parker, D.R.Leadley, J.P.Pekola
Strain control of electron-phonon energy loss rate in many-valley semiconductors

Applied Physics Letters 98, 182103 (2011)

F. Conzatti, N. Serra, D. Esseni, M. De Michielis, P. Palestri, L. Selmi, S.M. Thomas, T.E. Whall, D.R. Leadley, E.H.C. Parker, L. Witters, M.J. Hÿtch,
E. Snoeck, T.J. Wang, W.C. Lee, G. Doornbos, G. Vellianitis, M.J.H. van Dal, and R.J.P. Lander
Investigation of strain engineering in FinFETs comprising experimental analysis and numerical simulations
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 58, 1583-1593 (2011)

A. Zhylik, A. Benediktovich, A. Ulyanenkov, H. Guerault, M. Myronov, A. Dobbie, D.R. Leadley, and T. Ulyanenkova
High-resolution X-ray diffraction investigation of relaxation and dislocations in SiGe epilayers grown on (001), (011) and (111) Si substrates
Journal of Applied Physics 109, 123714 (2011)

V.A. Shah, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley
Effect of Ge/Si (001) epilayer thickness on structural quality
Thin Solid Films 519, 7911–7917 (2011)

V.A. Shah, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley
High quality relaxed Ge layers grown directly on a Si (001) substrate.
Solid State Electronics 62, 189-194 (2011)

Xue-Chao Liu, M. Myronov, A. Dobbie, Van H. Nguyen, and D. R. Leadley
Non-destructive thickness characterization of Si based heterostructure by x-ray diffraction and reflectivity
Solid State Electronics 60, 42-45 (2011)

J. Mitard, B. De Jaeger, E. Eneman, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, M. Kobayashi, J. Geypen, H. Bender, B. Vincent, R. Krom, J. Franco, G. Winderickx, E. Vrancken, W. E. Wang, J. Tseng, R. Loo, K. De Meyer, M. Caymax, L. Pantisano, D.R. Leadley, M. Meuris, P. Absil, S. Biesemans, T. Hoffmann
High hole mobility in 65nm strained Ge-pFETs with HfO2 gate dielectric
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50, 04DC17, (2011)

M. Myronov, Xue-Chao Liu A. Dobbie and D.R. Leadley
Control of Epilayer thickness during epitaxial growth of high Ge content strained Ge/SiGe multilayers by RP-CVD
Journal of Crystal Growth 318, 337-340 (2011)

M. Myronov, V.A. Shah, A. Dobbie, Xue-Chao Liu, Van H. Nguyen, D.R. Leadley and E.H.C. Parker
Highly strained Si epilayers grown on SiGe/Si(100) virtual substrate by Reduced Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition
Physica Status Solidi C, 8, 952-955 (2011)

E. Simoen, J. Mitard, B. De Jaeger, G. Eneman, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley, M. Meuris, T. Hoffmann and C. Claeys
Defect-related excess low-frequency noise in Ge-on-Si pMOSFETs
IEEE Electron Device Letter 32, 87-89 (2011).

Xue-Chao Liu, M. Myronov, A. Dobbie, R.J.H. Morris and D. R. Leadley
High quality Ge/SiGe multiple quantum wells grown by reduced-pressure chemical vapour deposition for photonic applications
Journal of Physics D. Applied Physics 44 055102 (2011)


C. Shen, T. Trypiniotis, K.Y. Lee, S.N. Holmes, R. Mansell, M. Husain, V. Shah, X.V. Li, H. Kurebayashi, I. Farrer, C.H. de Groot, D.R. Leadley, G. Bell, E.H.C. Parker, T. Whall, D.A. Ritchie, and C.H.W. Barnes
Spin transport in germanium at room temperature
Applied Physics Letters 97, 162104 (2010)

M. Myronov A. Dobbie, V.A. Shah, Xue-Chao Liu, Van H. Nguyen and D. R. Leadley
High quality strained Ge epilayers on a Si0.2Ge0.8/Ge/Si(100) global strain-tuning platform grown by reduced pressure chemical vapour deposition
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters 13, H388-H390 (2010)

V.A. Shah, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, and D.R. Leadley
“Reverse graded SiGe/Ge/Si buffers for highcomposition virtual substrates”
Journal of Applied Physics 107, 064304 (2010)

N. Serra, F. Conzatti, D. Esseni, M. De Michielis, P. Palestri, L. Selmi, S. Thomas, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, D.R. Leadley, L. Witters, A. Hikavyy,
M.J. Hytch, F. Houdellier, E. Snoeck, T.J. Wang, W.C. Lee, G. Vellianitis, M.J.H. van Dal, B. Duriez, G. Doornbos and R.J.P. Lander
Experimental and physics-based modeling assessment of strain induced mobility enhancement in FinFETs
International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM) 2009 p71-73

S. Persson, M. Fjer, E. Escobedo-Cousin, G. Malm, Y.-B. Wang, P.-E. Hellstrom, M. Ostling, E. Parker, L.J. Nash, P. Majhi, S. Olsen, A. O'Neill
Fabrication and characterisation of strained Si heterojunction bipolar transistors on virtual substrates
International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM) 2008 p735-738

S.M. Thomas, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, D.R. Leadley, R.J.P Lander, G. Vellianitis, J.R. Watling
Improved effective mobility extraction in SOI MOSFETs.
Solid State Electronics 53, 1252-6 (2009)

M. Myronov, D.R. Leadley and Y. Shiraki
High mobility holes in a strained Ge quantum well grown on a thin and relaxed Si0.4Ge0.6/LT-Si0.4Ge0.6/Si(001)virtual substrate
Applied Physics Letters 94, 092108 (2009)

V. A. Shah, A. Dobbie, M. Myronov, D. R. Leadley, D. J. F. Fulgoni, L. J. Nash
Reverse graded relaxed buffers for high Ge content SiGe virtual substrates
Applied Physics Letters 93, 192103 (2008)

J. Parsons, R.J.H. Morris, D.R. Leadley, E.H.C. Parker, D.J.F. Fulgoni, L.J. Nash.
Relaxation of Strained Silicon on Si0.5Ge0.5 Virtual Substrates
Applied Physics Letters 93, 072108 (2008)

J.-P. Raskin, D. J. Pearman, G. Pailloncy, J. M. Larson, J. Snyder, D.R.Leadley and T. E. Whall
High-frequency performance of Schottky Source/Drain Silicon pMOS devices
IEEE Electronic Device Letters 29, 396-398 (2008)

F.Driussi, D.Esseni, L.Selmi, P.-E.Hellstrom, G.Malm, J.Hallstedt, M.Ostling, T.J.Grasby, D.R.Leadley and X.Mescot
On the Electron Mobility Enhancement in biaxially strained Si MOSFETs

Solid State Electronics 52, 498–505 (2008)

M. von Haartman, B.G. Malm, P.-E. Hellström, M. Östling, T.J. Grasby, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, K. Lyutovich, M. Oehme, E. Kasper
Impact of strain and channel orientation on the low-frequency noise performance of Si n- and pMOSFETs
Solid State Electronics 51, 771–777 (2007)

M.Myronov, K. Sawano, Y. Shiraki, T. Mouri, K.M. Itoh
Observation of two-dimensional hole gas with mobility and carrier density exceeding those of two-dimensional electron gas at room-temperature in the SiGe heterostructures
Applied Physics Letters 91, 082108 (2007)

M.Myronov, Y. Shiraki, T. Mouri and K.M. Itoh
Enhancement of room temperature holes conductivity in narrow and strained Ge quantum well by double-side modulation doping
Applied Physics Letters 90, 192108 (2007)

M.Myronov and Y. Shiraki
Strain relaxation and surface morphology of ultra thin high Ge content SiGe epilayers grown on Si(001) substrate
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 46, 721-725 (2007)

Beer CS, Whall TE, Parker EHC, Leadley DR, Lukasiak L and Meuris M
Low temperature mobility in hafnium-oxide gated germanium p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors with SiO2 interlayer

Pearman DJ, Pailloncy G, Raskin JP, Larson JM, Snyder JP, Parker EHC, and Whall TE
Static and high-frequency behavior and performance of Schottky-barrier, p-MOSFET devices 

Parsons J, Parker EHC, Leadley DR, Grasby TJ, Morris RJH and Capewell A
Misfit strain relaxation and dislocation formation in supercritical strained silicon on virtual substrates 

S.Thomas, M.Prest, D.Fulgoni, A.R.Bacon, T.J.Grasby, D.R.Leadley, EHCParker and T.E.Whall
"Low frequency noise in Si and Si/SiGe/Si PMOSFETs"
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology, 2, 64-68 (2007).

Nicholas G, Grasby TJ, Parker EHC, Whall TE, Skotnicki T
Impact ionization in strained Si devices

Tang YT, Cerrina C, Waite AM, Afshar-Hanaee N, Evans GR, Grasby TJ, Parker EHC, Whall TE, Norris DJ, Chang ACK, Cullis AG.
Halo implant in pseudomorphic SiGe channel p-MOSFET devices to reduce short channel effect

Nicholas G, Grasby TJ, Parker EHC, Whall TE, Skotnicki T.
Evidence of reduced self-heating in strained Si MOSFETs

Myronov M, Irisawa T, Koh S, Mironov OA, Whall TE, Parker EHC, Shiraki Y.
Temperature dependence of transport properties of high mobility holes in Ge quantum wells
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 97: Art. No. 083701 (2005)

Drichko IL, Diakonov AM, Smirnov IY, Andrianov GO, Mironov OA, Myronov M, Leadley DR, Whall TE.
High-frequency transport in p-type Si/Si0.87Ge0.13 heterostructures studied with surface acoustic waves in the quantum Hall regime
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 71: Art. No. 045333 (2005)

Prest MJ, Bacon AR, Fulgoni DJF, Grasby TJ, Parker EHC, Whall TE, Waite AM.
Low-frequency noise mechanisms in Si and pseudomorphic SiGe p-channel field-effect transistors
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 85: 6019-6021 (2004)

Morris RJH, Leadley DR, Hammond R, Grasby TJ, Whall TE, Parker EHC.
Influence of regrowth conditions on the hole mobility in strained Ge heterostructures produced by hybrid epitaxy
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 96: 6470-6476 (2004)

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Application of Bryan's algorithm to the mobility spectrum analysis of semiconductor devices
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 94: 6583-6590 (2003)

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Terrace grading of SiGe for high-quality virtual substrates
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 81: 4775-4777 (2002)

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Mobility spectrum computational analysis using a maximum entropy approach
PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 66: Art. No. 036705 (2002)

Leadley DR, Kearney MJ, Horrell AI, Fischer H, Risch L, Parker EHC, Whall TE.
Analyis of hole mobility and strain in a Si/Si0.5Ge0.5/Si metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor