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Publications 1997

Observation of electron-phonon interaction with soft phonons in superconducting RNi2B2C, I. K. Yanson et al., Physical Review Letters 78, 935 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (153kB)

Observation of the peak effect in the superconductor Ca3Rh4Sn13, C. V. Tomy, G. Balakrishnan, D. M. Paul, Physical Review B 56, 8346 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (105kB)

The nature of magnetic ordering in TbNi2B2, C.V. Tomy, L. J. Chang, D. M. Paul, C. Ritter, Physica B 230, 872 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (210kB)

Neutron diffraction study of a La2CoO4.15, Single Crystal, J. S. Gardner, D. M. Paul, B. Lebech, Physica B 234, 721 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (142kB)

Neutron scattering study of the flux lattice in YNi2B2C, M. Yethiraj, D. M. Paul, C. V. Tomy, E. M. Forgan, Physical Review Letters 78, 4849 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (246kB)

Magnetic phase diagram of anisotropic superconductor 2H-NbSe2S. S. Banerjee et al., Physica B 237, 315 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (155kB)

Regions of enhanced pinning in the mixed state of the superconductor Yb3Rh4Sn13, C. V. Tomy, G. Balakrishnan, D. M. Paul, Physica C 280, 1 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (620kB)

Effect of columnar defects on the vortex dynamics in BSCCO 2212 single crystals, J. T. Totty, L. F. Cohen, G.K. Perkins, K. Kadowaki, G. Wirth D. Mc K. Paul, and G. Balakrishnan, Physica C 28 , 2187 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (131kB)

Point-contact-spectroscopy evidence of quasi-particle interactions in RNi2B2C (R=Ho, Y), I. K. Yanson, et al., Low Temperature Physics 23, 712 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Not available

Thermodynamic evidence for reentrant peak effect in a clean single crystal of 2H-NbSe2 and the effect of disorder and thermomagnetic history on it, S. S. Banerjee et al., Physica C 282, 2027 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (149kB)

The structural magnetic and transport properties of Pr0.6(CaxSr1-x)0.4MnO3, M. R. Lees, L. J. Chang, J. Barratt, G. Balakrishnan, C. V. Tomy, D. McK. Paul, C.D. Dewhurst and C. Ritter, SCES, Zurich Switzerland, 1996. Physica B 230-232, 313 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (262kB)

Pressure-induced changes in transport properties of layered La1.2Ca1.8Mn2O7, K. V. Kamenev, M. R. Lees, G. Balakrishnan, D. M. Paul, Physical Review B 56, 12688 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (75kB)

A structural transition induced by a magnetic field in La1-xSrxMnO3, A.J. Campell, G. Balakrishnan, M. R. Lees, D. McK. Paul, and G.J. McIntyre, Physica B 241, 451 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (195kB)

Single-Crystal Neutron-Diffraction Study of a Structural Phase Transition Induced by a Magnetic Field in La1-xSrxMnO3, A. J. Campbell, G. Balakrishnan, M. R. Lees, D. M. Paul, G. J. McIntyre, Physical Review B 55, R8622 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (123kB)

Influence of pressure on structural and magnetic phase transitions in La0.835Sr0.165MnO3, K. V. Kamenev et al., Physical Review B 56, 2285 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (64kB)

Single-crystal growth and properties of the double-layered manganese oxides, G. Balakrishnan, M. R. Lees, D. M. Paul, Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter 9, L471 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (110kB)

Magnetic excitations in single crystals of Cu1-xNixGeO3, S. Coad et al., Physica B 239, 350 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (461kB)

Triangular antiferromagnets, M.F. Collins and O. A. Petrenko, Canadian Journal of Physics 75, 650 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (743kB)

Spin liquid behaviour of Gadolinium Gallium Garnet, O. A. Petrenko, C. Ritter, M. Yethiraj and D. MCK Paul, Physica B 241, 727 (1997).
Full Text PDF: Download (103kB)

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