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Publications 2017

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Nodal superconducting gap structure in the quasi-one-dimensional Cs2Cr3As3 investigated using μSR measurements, D. Adroja, A. Bhattacharyya, M. Smidman, A. Hillier, Y. Feng, B. Pan, J. Zhao, M. R. Lees, A. Strydom, and P. K. Biswas, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86, 044710 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1087 kB)

Signatures of the Kondo effect in VSe2, S. Barua, M. C. Hatnean, M. R. Lees, and G. Balakrishnan, Scientific Reports 7, 10964 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (2897 kB)

Suppression of magnetic excitations near the surface of the topological Kondo insulator SmB6, P. K. Biswas, M. Legner, G. Balakrishnan, M. C. Hatnean, M. R. Lees, D. M. Paul, E. Pomjakushina, T. Prokscha, A. Suter, T. Neupert, and Z. Salman, Physical Review B 95, 020410(R) (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (518 kB)

Probing the interplay between surface and bulk states in the topological Kondo insulator SmB6 through conductance fluctuation spectroscopy, S. Biswas, M. C. Hatnean, G. Balakrishnan, and A. Bid, Physical Review B 95, 205403 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (779 kB)

Adiabatic physics of an exchange-coupled spin-dimer system: magnetocaloric effect, zero-point fluctuations, and possible two-dimensional universal behavior, J. Brambleby, P. A. Goddard, J. Singleton, M. Jaime, T. Lancaster, L. Huang, J. Wosnitza, C. V. Topping, K. E. Carreiro, H. E. Tran, Z. E. Manson, and J. L. Manson, Physical Review B 95, 024404 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (3166 kB)

Combining microscopic and macroscopic probes to untangle the single-ion anisotropy and exchange energies in an S = 1 quantum antiferromagnet, J. Brambleby, J. L. Manson, P. A. Goddard, M. B. Stone, R. D. Johnson, P. Manuel, J. A. Villa, C. M. Brown, H. Lu, S. Chikara, V. Zapf, S. H. Lapidus, R. Scatena, P. Macchi, Y.-S. Chen, L.-C. Wu, and J. Singleton, Physical Review B 95, 134435 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (4802 kB)

Field-induced magnetic states in holmium tetraboride, D. Brunt, G. Balakrishnan, A. R. Wildes, B. Ouladdiaf, N. Qureshi, and O. A. Petrenko, Physical Review B 95, 024410 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (2280 kB)

Synthesis and magnetic characterisation of Fe1-xMgxSb2O4 (x = 0.25, 0.50, 0.75) and their oxygen-excess derivatives, Fe1-xMgxSb2O4+y, B. P. de Laune, M. J. Whitaker, J. F. Marco, M. F. Thomas, F. J. Berry, M. R. Lees, and C. Greaves, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 4985 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (3415 kB)

Magnetic zeolites: novel nanoreactors through radiofrequency heating, J. Garcia-Aguilar, J. Fernandez-Garcia, E. V. Rebrov, M. R. Lees, P. Z. Gao, D. Cazorla-Amoros, and A. Berenguer-Murcia, Chemical Communications 53, 4262 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1139 kB)

Single crystal growth, structure and magnetic properties of Pr2Hf2O7 pyrochlore, M. C. Hatnean, R. Sibille, M. R. Lees, M. Kenzelmann, V. Ban, V. Pomjakushin, and G. Balakrishnan, Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter 29, 075902 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (3415 kB)

Terahertz Spectra Revealing the Collective Excitation Mode in Charge-Density-Wave Single Crystal LuFe2O4, X. Liu, Z. Jin, Z. Cheng, X. Lin, G. Balakrishnan, G. Ma, Physica Status Solidi (RRL) – Rapid Research Letters 11, 1700177 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (948 kB)

The enhancement of direct amide synthesis reaction rate over TiO2@SiO2@NiFe2O4 magnetic catalysts in the continuous flow under radiofrequency heating, Y. W. Liu, N. Cherkasov, P. Z. Gao, J. Fernandez, M. R. Lees, and E. V. Rebrov, Journal of Catalysis 355 , 120 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download ( 2463 kB)

Colossal terahertz magnetoresistance at room temperature in epitaxial La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 nanocomposites and single-phase thin films, J. Lloyd-Hughes, C. D. W. Mosley, S. P. P. Jones, M. R. Lees, A. Chen, Q. X. Jia, E. M. Choi, and J. L. MacManus-Driscoll, Nano Letters 17, 2506 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1139 kB)

Disorder and Quantum Spin Ice, N. Martin, P. Bonville, E. Lhotel, S. Guitteny, A. Wildes, C. Decorse, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, G. Balakrishnan, I. Mirebeau, and S. Petit, Physical Review X 7, 041028 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (2670 kB)

Superconducting and normal-state properties of the noncentrosymmetric superconductor Re6Zr, D. A. Mayoh, J. A. T. Barker, R. P. Singh, G. Balakrishnan, D. M. Paul, and M. R. Lees, Physical Review B 96, 064521 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (963 kB)

Atomic structure study of the pyrochlore Yb2Ti2O7 and its relationship with low-temperature magnetic order, A. Mostaed, G. Balakrishnan, M. R. Lees, Y. Yasui, L.-J. Chang, and R. Beanland, Physical Review B 95, 094431 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (3274 kB)

Critical behavior study of the spin ordering transition in RVO3 (R = Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Er) by means of ac photopyroelectric calorimetry, A. Oleaga, V. Shvalya, V. Liubachko, G. Balakrishnan, L. D. Tung, and A. Salazar, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 703, 210 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1028 kB)

Spin correlations in the dipolar pyrochlore antiferromagnet Gd2Sn2O7, J. A. M. Paddison, G. Ehlers, O. A. Petrenko, A. R. Wildes, J. S. Gardner, and J. R. Stewart, Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 29, 144001 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1307 kB)

Rare-earth/transition-metal magnetic interactions in pristine and (Ni,Fe)-doped YCo5 and GdCo5, C. E. Patrick, S. Kumar, G. Balakrishnan, R. S. Edwards, M. R. Lees, E. Mendive-Tapia, L. Petit, and J. B. Staunton, Physical Review Materials 1, 024411 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1158 kB)

Magnetic excitations in the ground state of Yb2Ti2O7, V. Peçanha-Antonio, E. Feng, Y. Su, V. Pomjakushin, F. Demmel, L.-J. Chang, R. J. Aldus, Y. Xiao, M. R. Lees, T. Brückel, Physical Review B 95, 214415 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (2213 kB)

Evolution of spin correlations in SrDy2O4 in an applied magnetic field, O. A. Petrenko, O. Young, D. Brunt, G. Balakrishnan, P. Manuel, D. D. Khalyavin, and C. Ritter, Physical Review B 96, 104442 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1967 kB)

Broken rotational symmetry on the Fermi surface of a high-Tc superconductor, B. J. Ramshaw, N. Harrison, S. E. Sebastian, S. Ghannadzadeh, K. A. Modic, D. A. Bonn, W. N. Hardy, R. Liang, and P. A. Goddard, npj Quantum Materials 2, 8 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1349 kB)

Electric field controlled magnetization and charge-ordering in Pr0.6Ca0.4MnO3, H. Sharma, M. R. Lees, G. Balakrishnan, D. M. Paul, A. Tulapurkar, and C. V. Tomy, Materials Chemistry and Physics 194, 142 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (2783 kB)

Coulomb spin liquid in anion-disordered pyrochlore Tb2Hf2O7, R. Sibille, E. Lhotel, M. Ciomaga Hatnean, G. J. Nilsen, G. Ehlers, A. Cervellino, E. Ressouche, M. Frontzek, O. Zaharko, V. Pomjakushin, U. Stuhr, H. C. Walker, D. T. Adroja, H. Luetkens, C. Baines, A. Amato, G. Balakrishnan, T. Fennell, and M. Kenzelmann, Nature Communications, 8 892 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (1811 kB)

Time-reversal symmetry breaking in the noncentrosymmetric superconductor Re6Hf: Further evidence for unconventional behavior in the alpha-Mn family of materials, D. Singh, J. A. T. Barker, A. Thamizhavel, D. M. Paul, A. D. Hillier, and R. P. Singh, Physical Review B 96, 180501 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (231 kB)

Order by Quenched Disorder in the Model Triangular Antiferromagnet RbFe(MoO4)2, A. I. Smirnov, T. A. Soldatov, O. A. Petrenko, A. Takata, T. Kida, M. Hagiwara, A. Y. Shapiro, and M. E. Zhitomirsky, Physical Review Letters 119, 047204 (2017).

Full Text PDF: Download (539 kB)

Growth of YbFe2O4 single crystals exhibiting long-range charge order via the optical floating zone method, H. L. Williamson, T. Mueller, M. Angst, and G. Balakrishnan, Journal of Crystal Growth 475, 44 (2017)..

Full Text PDF: Download (539 kB)

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