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Publications & Presentations


M. Saghir, M. R. Lees , S. J. York, S. A. Hindmarsh, A. M. Sanchez, M. Walker, C. F. McConville, G. Balakrishnan. Nanomaterials and crystals of Topological Insulators and Topological Crystalline Insulators JIIS Review

M. Saghir, M. Walker, C. F. McConville, G. Balakrishnan. Surface preparation of microcrystals of the topological crystalline insulator, SnTe Appl. Phys. Lett.

C. M. Polley, V. Jovic, T-Y. Su, M. Saghir, D. Newby Jr., B. Kowalski, R. Jakiela, A. Barcz, M. Guziewicz, T. Balasubramanian, G. Balakrishnan, J. Laverock, K. E. Smith. Observation of surface states on heavily indium doped SnTe(111), a superconducting topological crystalline insulator Phys. Rev. B


M. Saghir, A. M. Sanchez, S. A. Hindmarsh, S. J. York, and G. Balakrishnan. Nanomaterials of the topological crystalline in¬sulators, Pb1-xSnxTe and Pb1-xSnxSe Cryst. Growth Des.


M. Saghir, J. A. T. Barker, G. Balakrishnan, A. D. Hillier, and M. R. Lees. Studies of the superconducting properties of Sn1−xInxTe (x = 0.38 to 0.45) using muon-spin spectroscopy Phys. Rev. B

M. Saghir, M. R. Lees. S. J. York and G. Balakrishnan. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials of the Topological Crystalline Insulator SnTe - Cryst. Growth Des. (This work was also presented as a talk at the APS March Meeting 2014 in Denver, Colorado.)


N.R. Wilson, A. Marsden, M. Saghir, C. Bromley, R. Schaub, G.Costantini, T. White, et al. Weak mismatch epitaxy and structural feedback in graphene growth on copper foil Nano Research