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Surface, Interface & Thin Film Group

Our research focuses on well defined single crystal surfaces, thin films and interfaces using a variety of techniques to characterise surface structure, chemistry and electronic band structure. We study many types of materials, including molecular adsorbates on metals, oxides, 2D materials and semiconductors. Thin-film epitaxy underpins much of the work: we mainly use molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to grow functional materials including photocathodes, topological materials and ferromagnetic thin films. We work with other groups in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering at Warwick, and collaborate with research groups and large-scale facilities in Europe, USA and Japan. Our facility work is principally based on synchrotron radiation but we also use neutron scattering, ion scattering and electron microscopy.

Professor Woodruff mug shot of Gavin Bell
Professor Phil Woodruff FRS Dr Gavin Bell