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Training Course Application

Basic training is available to users of the Kratos XPS/UPS system. Please fill out the form below and the Facility Manager will contact you to arrange dates for training. The length of the course will be one full day, and will be scheduled according to the experimental programme.

Relevant documentation will be provided to the user ahead of the training course.

Please note that training on the Omicron system is limited exclusively to expert users with significant experience in ultra-high vacuum technology.

The intention of the training system is to train up to three people in any given research group. To be eligible for training, you must also have at least one year remaining in your current position and be expecting to use XPS on a regular basis.

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This form is used to collect information regarding usage and training applications in the XPS Facility. The data you provide is used to help us improve the delivery of our courses, experimental scheduling and financial administration of the Facility only.
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