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Useful Programs/Code

This page contains useful pieces of code or programs. The majority of these will be written in Python and will make use of the older 2.x version (personal preference).


A short python script for calculating the inelastic mean-free path of electrons in solids using the Bethe equation used by Tanuma, Penn and Powell [S. Tanuma, C. J. Powell and D. R. Penn, Surf. Interf. Anal., Vol. 21, 165 (1994)].
Note that this is command-line only and is provided as-is.

IMFP TPP_2M (Python 2.x.x required)

KP Technology Kelvin Probe Output File Parser

A python script (with GUI) intended for use in parsing multiple output files as produced by KP Technology's Kelvin Probe control software. This separates the file into a useful header/information file (providing scan information) and a separate data file. This script is provided as-is.

KP_parser_multi_file_gui_input (Python 2.x.x required)