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Formerly Surface Group Mascot, Eeyore moved to the expanded Undergraduate Workroom in 2014 to act as PX262 Support Donkey. I expound the mysteries of Quantum Mechanics using only my gloomy yet cuddly aura.

Research Project

Surface science of any and all materials, provided they are covered with antimony.

At work in the lab...

I joined some members of the group during ion scattering and XPS experiments at Daresbury. Below are a few examples of the work in action whilst I was there.

Loading a sample into the prep chamber at NCESS Aligning sample in main chamber at NCESS Taking data 

I have now returned from Daresbury and am busy analysing my data.......

eeyore4 eeyore5 eeyore6


Contact Details

Think "Eeyore" very, very hard


Undergraduate Workroom