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Valence-band orbital character of CdO: A synchrotron-radiation photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional theory study
J.J. Mudd, Tien-Lin Lee, V. Muñoz-Sanjosé, J. Zúñiga-Pérez, D.J. Payne, R.G. Egdell, C.F. McConville

Pinning effect on the band gap modulation of crystalline BexZn1−xO alloy films grown on Al2O3(0001)
Dae-Sung Park, J. J. Mudd, M. Walker, A. Krupski, D. Seghier, N. Fereshteh Saniee, Chel-Jong Choi, Chang-Ju Youn, S.R.C. McMitchell, C.F. McConville

Hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy as a probe of the intrinsic electronic properties of CdO
J. J. Mudd, Tien-Lin Lee, V. Muñoz-Sanjosé, J. Zúñiga-Pérez, D. Hesp, J. M. Kahk, D. J. Payne, R. G. Egdell, and C. F. McConville

Heteroepitaxial Growth of Ferromagnetic MnSb(0001) Films on Ge/Si(111) Virtual Substrates
Christopher W. Burrows, Andrew Dobbie, Maksym Myronov, Thomas P. A. Hase, Stuart B. Wilkins, Marc Walker, James J. Mudd, Ian Maskery, Martin R. Lees, Christopher F. McConville, David R. Leadley, and Gavin R. Bell

Optical absorption by dilute GaNSb alloys: Influence of N pair states
J. J. Mudd, N. J. Kybert, W. M. Linhart, L. Buckle, T. Ashley, P. D. C. King, T. S. Jones, M. J. Ashwin, and T. D. Veal

Surface electronic properties of In-rich InGaN alloys grown by MOCVD
W. M. Linhart, Ö. Tuna, T. D. Veal, J. J. Mudd, C. Giesen, M. Heuken, C. F. McConville

Growth and characterisation of NiSb(0001)/GaAs(111)B epitaxial films
J. D. Aldous, C. W. Burrows, I. Maskery, M. Brewer, D. Pickup, M. Walker, J. Mudd, T. P. A. Hase, J. A. Duffy, S. Wilkins, C. Sanchez-Hanke, G. R. Bell

Optimisation of a High Work Function Solution Processed Vanadium Oxide Hole-Extracting Layer for Small Molecule and Polymer Organic Photovoltaic Cells
I. Hancox, L. A. Rochford, D. Clare, M. Walker, J. J. Mudd, P. Sullivan, S. Schumann, C. F. McConville, and T. S. Jones

Weak mismatch epitaxy and structural feedback in graphene growth on copper foil
N. R. Wilson, A. J. Marsden, M. Saghir, C. J. Bromley, R. Schaub, G. Costantini, T. W. White, C. Partridge, A. Barinov, P. Dudin, A. M. Sanchez, J. J. Mudd, M. Walker, G. R. Bell