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Current Projects and Recent Highlights

In vivo THz sensing

Terahertz light is strongly absorbed by water; this is both a blessing and a curse! As although the THz signal is strongly attenuated by the presence of water, it also very sensitive to subtle changes in water content, such as applying skin products or even those that occur in biome

Photo of the optical set up for THz ellipsometry

dical tissues due to the presence of a tumour or other abnormality. We have been employing THz sensing to quantify properties of skin such as hydration, diffusivity, occlusion rate and most recently, the THz birefringence. Our cunning instrumentation approach for in vivo THz ellipsometry is explained in our recent publication and shows that human skin has non-zero birefringence.

High speed THz imaging

Ultimately, if THz imaging is to be used in vivo it needs to be faster. To this end we have developed a single pixel THz camera, able to achieve 32 × 32 pixels at 6 frames-per-second which is orders of magnitude faster than the state of the art.