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Group members


Post Doctoral Research Fellows

PhD Students

Jacob Young (Warwick)

Goncalo Costa

Gonçalo Costa (Warwick)
Xavier Barker
Xavier Barker (Warwick)

Huiliang Ou (Warwick)
Xuefei Ding
Xuefei Ding (Warwick)

Shruti Chakraborty (Warwick)

Past Members

PhD Graduates Thesis

Hannah Hatcher, PhD student 2018-2022

"In Vivo THz Spectroscopy for Quantitative Skin EvaluationLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window"
Kaidi Li, (CUHK) PhD student 2017-2021

Devices Fabrication and Algorithm Application for Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy and Imaging

Jia Rui Wang, (CUHK) PhD student 2017-2021

Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy and Imaging for Quantitative Skin

Kai Lui, (CUHK) PhD student 2016-2021

Cancer Detection and Imaging based on Innovative THz Techniques and Sensors

Dr Sun Qiushuo, Sarah(CUHK) PhD student 2015-2019

Development of terahertz analysis techniques for biomedical applications and enhanced material characterization
Dr Chen Xuequan, Swench(CUHK) PhD student 2014-2018 Devices and Methods for Accurate Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy and Imaging
Dr He Yeu Zhi, Frank(CUHK) PhD student 2013-2017 Terahertz biomedical imaging: sample preservation, quick sampling and applications
Dr Liu Xudong(CUHK) PhD student 2013-2017 THz modulation and spectroscopy: device development and material characterization
Dr Fan Shuting PhD student 2011-2015 Metrology and biomedical applications for terahertz reflection spectroscopy and imaging
Dr Yan Fei PhD student 2012-2015 Design, fabrication and applications of novel terahertz devices
Dr Yiwen Sun, Carol PhD Student 2007-2010 Investigating biomolecular interactions using terahertz pulsed spectroscopy
Dr Shengyang Huang PhD Student 2006-2009 Medical terahertz pulsed Imaging in reflection geometry
MPhil Graduates Thesis
Mr Yu Yang, Calvin M.Phil. student 2012-2014 A study of novel materials for terahertz time domain spectroscopy modulation
Mr Sy Ming Yiu, Stanley M.Phil. student 2009-2011 Investigating biomedical applications with terahertz pulsed imaging in reflection geometry
Miss Kan Wai Chi, Kanis M.Phil. Student 2008-2010 Terahertz pulsed imaging of osteoarthritis joint cartilage
Post Doctoral Research Fellows  

Rayko Ivanov StantchevLink opens in a new window

Arturo HernandezLink opens in a new window