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Group members


Post Doctoral Research Fellows

PhD Students

Past Members

PhD Graduates Thesis
Dr Sun Qiushuo, Sarah(CUHK) PhD student 2015-2019 Development of terahertz analysis techniques for biomedical applications and enhanced material characterization
Dr Chen Xuequan, Swench(CUHK) PhD student 2014-2018 Devices and Methods for Accurate Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy and Imaging
Dr He Yeu Zhi, Frank(CUHK) PhD student 2013-2017 Terahertz biomedical imaging: sample preservation, quick sampling and applications
Dr Liu Xudong(CUHK) PhD student 2013-2017 THz modulation and spectroscopy: device development and material characterization
Dr Fan Shuting PhD student 2011-2015 Metrology and biomedical applications for terahertz reflection spectroscopy and imaging
Dr Yan Fei PhD student 2012-2015 Design, fabrication and applications of novel terahertz devices
Dr Yiwen Sun, Carol PhD Student 2007-2010 Investigating biomolecular interactions using terahertz pulsed spectroscopy
Dr Shengyang Huang PhD Student 2006-2009 Medical terahertz pulsed Imaging in reflection geometry
MPhil Graduates Thesis
Mr Yu Yang, Calvin M.Phil. student 2012-2014 A study of novel materials for terahertz time domain spectroscopy modulation
Mr Sy Ming Yiu, Stanley M.Phil. student 2009-2011 Investigating biomedical applications with terahertz pulsed imaging in reflection geometry
Miss Kan Wai Chi, Kanis M.Phil. Student 2008-2010 Terahertz pulsed imaging of osteoarthritis joint cartilage