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Emma MacPherson's Terahertz Research Group

Research areas

Our research focusses on:

Terahertz medical imaging and spectroscopy

  • In vivo skin imaging
  • Characterisation of skin conditions
  • Evaluation of skin products


  • Novel techniques to speed up terahertz acquisition
  • THz ellipsometry
  • Robotic THz probe development

Terahertz optical devices

  • Spatial light modulation
  • Efficient low-cost polarizers
  • 3D printed devices


  • Use of genetical algorithms for improved classification
  • Modelling of human skin
  • Compressive sensing

Updates and events

Elektra 2020 Nomination

Real-time terahertz imaging with a single-pixel detector is nominated for Elektra 2020, the University Research Readers Choice Award

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