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Teaching and academic responsibilities

Graduate Admissions Tutor for Physics

I am the graduate admissions tutor for physics - please see the graduate admissions pages.

URSS (Undergraduate Research Support Scheme)

I am the URSS coordinator for physics. Application deadlines are typically in the Jan/Feb preceding the summer of the proposed research project.

Feedback supervisor for graduate students

Graduate students are assigned an advisor who is not directly involved with their research and can offer advice on expected progress and milestones. I have several graduate students assigned to me for this role.

PX 319/402 (Final year project supervisor)

Students doing final year projects with my group get the chance to have hands on experience taking terahertz measurements of volunteers and analysing data. Key aspects investigated include skin hydration, with the ultimate aim to apply the techniques for detection of skin cancer.

PX146 (Key skills for Physics) tutor

I am a personal tutor for first year students and continue to be their tutor throughout the duration of their undergraduate studies.

PX 110 (Physics Laboratory)

This is the first year laboratory course. I offer advice on report writing and am one of the markers.