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Justas Deveikis


I did my master's degree at the University of Warwick supervised by James Lloyd-Hughes (2020-2021). During master's studies I worked on developing multi-pixel photoconductive emitters used for generating azimuthally- and radially-polarised terahertz (THz) beams. More about the work:


The aim of PhD project is to study dynamics of charge-carriers in perovskite nanostructures for optoelectronic applications. I am supervised by Rebecca Milot and James Lloyd-Hughes.

Perovskites are materials possessing chemical formula ABX3, where A, B are different size cations (A is larger than B) and X is an anion. Mixed organic-inorganic halide perovskites could rival silicon solar cells with less complex solution-based fabrication processing and potentially better performance and versatility, including the use of flexible substrates.

Substitution of A-cation with a long organic spacer separates the metal halide sheets forming layered perovskites. The quantum confinement of electrons and holes within metal halides allows formation of excitons, which has potential for light-emitting device applications.

In my work, I study layered perovskites to understand how organic spacers interact with the inorganic lattice. I study both optical steady state and time-resolved properties of charge carriers.


I am a demonstrator in second-year undergraduate physics labs (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance).

Position: PhD student

Start date: October 2021


Office: MAS 3.09