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Ultrafast & THz: Group Members

Previous PhD students & theses

Maria Burdanova
"Ultrafast terahertz and optical spectroscopy of 1D van der Waals nanomaterials "
Next destination: Postdoc @ Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Maurizio Monti
"Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Metal Halide Perovskites and III-V Semiconductors"
Next destination: Postdoc @ Aarhus University
Connor Mosley
"Enhanced Polarisation Control and Extreme Electric Fields: Advances in Terahertz Spectroscopy Applied to Anisotropic Materials and Magnetic Phase Transitions"
* Faculty of Science Thesis Prize and Springer Thesis Prize *
Next destination: Postdoc @ Lancaster University
Michele Failla
"Rashba Spin-Splitting and Terahertz Quantum Hall Effect for Heavy Holes in Strained Germanium Quantum Wells"
* Faculty of Science Thesis Prize *
Next destination: Postdoc @ TU Delft
Katie I Doig
University of Oxford "Ultrafast and Continuous-Wave Spectroscopy of Multiferroic Oxide Thin Films"
Samuel PP Jones
University of Oxford "Magneto-optics of complex oxides at terahertz frequencies"