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Sen Mou

I obtained my Ph.D. in 2018 at the University of Naples Federico II. My research interests focus on ultrafast optics, THz photonics, vortex beams, hybrid organic-metal perovskite materials, 2D materials, etc. I have extensive experience in regenerative chirp-pulse-amplification laser systems, optical parametric amplifiers, and optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification laser systems. I built setups for THz generation with laser-induced plasma and optical rectification in nonlinear crystals, optical-pump THz-probe, z-scan, etc. I currently work on THz imaging. I have 27 journal articles, 1 conference article, 3 patents, and more than 250 citations. I am the recipient of INFN postdoctoral fellowship.

Selected publications:

  1. Sen Mou,Andrea Rubano, Qiucheng Yu, Domenico Paparo, Terahertz unipolar polarimetry by second-harmonic generation in air, Applied Physics Letters 123, 071101 (2023)
  2. Ziwen Xu, Sen Mou, Luca Tomarchio, Annalisa D’Arco, Kangxian Guo, Massimo Petrarca, Stefano Lupi, Phase-matching effect on the second harmonic and terahertz generations in β-barium borate, Optics and Laser Technology167 (2023) 109764
  3. Sen Mou, Annalisa D’Arco, Luca Tomarchio, Salvatore Macis, Massimo Petrarca and Stefano Lupi, Achromatic terahertz quarter-wave Fresnel rhomb retarder, Applied Physics Letters122 (2023), 241102
  4. Sen Mou, Annalisa D’Arco, Luca Tomarchio, Salvatore Macis, Alessandro Curcio, Stefano Lupi and Massimo Petrarca, Generation of terahertz vector beam bearing tailored topological charge, APL Photonics8 (2023), 036103
  5. Sen Mou, Luca Tomarchio, Annalisa D’Arco, Marta Di Fabrizio, Salvatore Macis, Alessandro Curcio, Luigi Palumbo, Stefano Lupi, and Massimo Petrarca, Impact of laser chirp on the polarization of terahertz from two-color plasma, Photonics Research11 (2023), 978-985
  6. Sen Mou, Annalisa D’Arco, Luca Tomarchio, Marta Di Fabrizio, Alessandro Curcio, Stefano Lupi, and Massimo Petrarca, Simultaneous elliptically and radially polarized THz from one-color laser-induced plasma filament, New Journal of Physics, 23 (2021) 063048
  7. Sen Mou, Andrea Rubano, and Domenico Paparo, Terahertz Hyper-Raman Time-Domain Spectroscopy of Gallium Selenide and its application in terahertz detection, Applied Physics Letters, 115 (2019) 211105