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Outreach events

Optics day - Thursday 15th October 2015

The physics department are holding a one day masterclass on Thursday 15th October for year 10 (GCSE) physics students. The theme will be light and optics, and is led by Dr James Lloyd-Hughes and Ally Caldecote, Outreach Officer for the Department.

The day begins at 9.30am and finishes at 2.30pm and will comprise stimulating talks and hands-on experimental sessions. Topics will include (but are not limited to) colour mixing, diffraction, refraction and spectroscopy.


Schools arrive Physical Sciences PS128
9.30-9.45 Welcome

Talk 1: Adaptive Optics and Giant Telescopes.

Prof Tom Marsh (Department of Physics)

10.10-10.55 Experiment 1 Physics undergraduate labs
11-11.15 Coffee

Talk 2: Magnets, chemistry and bird migration: why I built a total internal reflection microscope.

Dr Christopher Wedge (Department of Physics)

11.40 – 12.25 Experiment 2
Physics undergraduate labs
12.30-1 Lunch
1.05-1.50 Experiment 3
Physics undergraduate labs
1.55 – 2.15

Talk 3 - Using lasers to understand how suncreams and anti cancer drugs work.

Dr Vasilios Stavros (Department of Chemistry)

Ramphal R1.13
2.15-2.30pm Conclusion & schools leave


Christmas Lights & Lasers Bright - Monday 30th November, 1.15pm

with Ally Caldecote & James Lloyd-Hughes (Physics).

An exciting journey through the dramatic and inspiring world of colour and light, from explosions caused by lasers, to the Northern Lights of Santa’s homeland.

For more details see the Warwick Arts Centre website.

International Year of Light

Warwick Arts Centre