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Day 1: Version Control with Git and Procedural C++


Zoom meeting link for today's session (the password will be sent on the course Slack channel): opens in a new window

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A short overview of the course aims, content and links to useful resources (PDF Document)

Demystifying Git &

Version control with Git

We begin by looking at how to keep track of changes to your work using a version control system (PDF Document), including a walkthrough exercise using git for basic version control and interacting with a remote repository (PDF Document)

Introducing C++

The second part of the day introduces C++. We look at the basic structure and syntax of a program in C++ and begin to implement a very basic program and compile it into an executable (PDF Document)

Program flow control in C++

The next C++ topic is how to control the flow of our mpags-cipher program with conditionals and loops (PDF Document)


The next C++ topic is to introduce the concept of containers, specifically the std::vector (PDF Document)

Command-line arguments

Finally we examine how to feed information into our mpags-cipher program using command-line arguments (PDF Document)