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Undergraduate projects

Final Year projects

  • 2019 - Robustness of mixed electron-photon radiotherapy on left-sided breast cancer

  • 2017 - Evaluating the robustness to patient shifts of different prostate radiotherapy planning techniques

  • 2016 - Dosimetric accuracy of the Raystation TPS using the IAEA 1538 protocol

  • 2015 - Dosimetric evaluation of a new radiotherapy treatment planning system

  • 2014 - TBI dose calculation and measurements

  • 2013 - Evaluation of a 4D-CT scanner

URSS projects

  • 2019
    • Impact of image reconstruction & processing on the quantification of uptake in nuclear medicine brain imaging for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
    • Measuring spinal cord length and cervical spine volume using MRI
    • Determination of the robust optimisation parameters required in lung radiotherapy planning to produce dose distribution conformance comparable to that using CTV-PTV margins
  • 2018
    • Initial investigations in to planning strategies with the use of robust optimisation
  • 2017

    • Quantification of the amount of fat present in the liver using MRI

    • Assessing the dosimetric benefits by “robustly planned” radiotherapy treatments

  • 2016
    • Developing knowledge-based radiotherapy plans

    • Evaluating auto-contouring options for bladder cancers on cone beam CT images

  • 2015

    • Image processing and registration for radiotherapy planning using MRI

    • The dosimetric effects of the Elekta iBeam® evo couch top in radiotherapy treatments