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IoP eBook on " Tetraquarks and Pentaquarks" published

Greig Cowan and Tim Gershon describe recent discoveries of new types of matter called tetraquarks and pentaquarks, and discuss the outlook for understanding these particles.

Wed 29 August 2018, 10:48 | Tags: Research

How quantum do you need to be to check a quantum computer?

Quantum computers are capable of solving certain problems whose scale lies outside that of classical computers. For some of these problems not even the solution can be efficiently checked with a classical computer. While schemes can verify an arbitrary quantum computation with a limited set of quantum operations, the minimum quantum resources to perform such a verification is an open question. Samuele, Theodoros, and Animesh from the quantum information group have published a paper on verification in Physical Review A (DOI: demonstrating an improvement on the existing requirements for schemes to verify quantum computations. In this work the authors demonstrate a verification scheme which works with a further reduced number of such quantum operations.

Thu 23 August 2018, 11:53 | Tags: Research

Predictable aspects of the variable likelihood of extreme space weather events

Solar activity drives Earth’s space weather. Each solar cycle has a different intensity but we found cycle invariant properties constraining the chance of space storms which affect systems at Earth.

Mon 23 July 2018, 11:03 | Tags: Research

Touching proteins with virtual bare hands

The ability to precisely visualize the atomic geometry of the interactions between a drug and its protein target in structural models is critical in predicting the correct modifications in previously identified inhibitors to create more effective next generation drugs. We have combined VR visualization with fast algorithms for simulating intramolecular motions of protein flexibility, in an effort to further improve structure-led drug design by exposing molecular interactions that might be hidden in the less informative static models.

Sun 15 July 2018, 21:16 | Tags: Research

Is Gravity a Quantum Force?

A new proposal could be the first to test if gravity is quantum.

Tue 29 May 2018, 11:04 | Tags: Research

Allotropes of Phosphorus with Remarkable Stability and Intrinsic Piezoelectricity

We construct a class of two-dimensional (2D) phosphorus allotropes by assembling a previously proposed ultrathin metastable phosphorus nanotube into planar structures in different stacking orientations. Three of them are dynamically stable semiconductors with strain-tunable band gaps and intrinsic piezoelectricity. This may have potential applications in nanosized sensors, piezotronics, and energy harvesting in portable electronic nanodevices.

Mon 30 April 2018, 15:52 | Tags: Research

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