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Maintenance and Inspection

Regular inspection (monthly and/or as you work)

Turbo Pumps: check operating power and actual speed (where possible), listen for changes in sound, is ultimate pressure normal?

Rotary Pumps: check oil level and colour, check exhaust line / filter for droplets, make sure leaked oil is not a slip hazard, listen for changes in sound, check ultimate pressure.

Scroll Pump: check for changes in sound and ultimate pressure.

Vacuum Systems: are pressures and pump-down times normal?

Gas Handling Systems: check for gas tightness, check all regulators are in date and working properly.

UV Ozone Cleaner: inspect extract pipe, check for any ozone smell under normal operation.

Monthly Pump Maintenance

Rotary Pumps: run under gas ballast for an hour. Our rotaries operate under very gentle conditions so should not need frequent oil changes.

Scroll Pump: run under high gas load for an hour to clear any debris and prevent build-up.

Defective Equipment

General: place a prominent DO NOT USE sign on faulty equipment and alert relevant technical staff (e.g. Alan Burton, Mike Crosbie, electronics workshop).

Vacuum Systems: if vacuum cannot be maintained, shut down all pumps and vent to dry nitrogen. Alert Alan Burton or Gavin Bell; if we are not available try Robb Johnston. Do NOT allow vacuum system pressure to rise above atmospheric pressure. Do NOT allow toxic materials to possibly be vented into the lab by flowing nitrogen.