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PhD / MSc Projects

I offer several PhD topics which are also available for MSc by Research. For start in autumn 2017, my priority project is Electronic structure of low-dimensional topological matter.

Other projects:

1. Density functional theory of spintronic interfaces

Theory / modelling projects. Density functional theory (DFT) allows the properties of materials to be explored "in the computer". We apply DFT to the interfaces between magnetic and semiconducting materials in order to try to understand how they might be applied in spintronic devices.

2. Molecular beam epitaxy of advanced materials

Experimental projects. Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) is a technique for growing thin films of crystalline materials. We investigate the growth of half-metallic ferromagnetic materials, topological materials, and ultra-high thermal conductivity materials, using dedicated "mini-MBE" systems. The sample transfer plates used in these mini-MBEs are compatible with the wide range of ultra-high vacumm analytical methods available in the group. Two of the MBE systems also have built-in scanning tunnelling microscopes. This allows us to examine the top few atomic layers of the films without atmospheric contamination.

3. In situ studies of molecular beam epitaxy

Exprimental project, joint with

4. Polarised neutron reflectivity of spintronic multi-layers

Experimental or programming / data analysis projects, joint with ISIS and ILL facilities and Dr. Tom Hase.

Undergraduate summer projects

I usually offer one or two undergraduate summer projects.Topics 1 and 2 above can be "scaled down" for an 8-week project, so if they catch your attention please come and talk to me or drop me an email. In addition I can offer projects relating to my Science of Music module, such as X-to-Music: algorithmic generation of music based on structured data such as natural language, microscopy images or scientific data.