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1. James Bryant and Alifah Ab Rahman graduating with PhD degrees! (winter 2019/20)

2. With Nobel prizewinner Hiroshi Amano and colleagues at SemiconNano 2019 in Kobe.

3. Gold nanoparticles on graphene oxide (false colour). Atomic structure is visible. TEM image by Prof. Ana Sanchez. Image size 20 nm.

4. British Science Festival event in Coventry St. Mary's Guildhall - Coull Quartet playing a piece composed by me and Tim Cunningham. Here I am duetting with Dr. Rachel Edwards (spring drum + my 5-string headless fretless bass).

5. InSb "ziggurat" on the surface of a heterostructure grown by MBE. The terraces have atomic-height steps (one In-Sb bilayer). 3D rendered AFM, lateral image size 200 nm.

6. Argon ion beam (purple) hitting a sample (orange) in the Mercutio high vacuum chamber is our lab. NO false colours! Photograph by Chris Benjamin.

7. MnSb(0001)-(2x2) surface imaged after MBE grown in UHV. False-colour STM, image size 15 nm. Each lighter feature is the electron density associated with a single Sb-adatom on the reconstructed surface.

8. Polarised light micrograph of a bulk NiSb polycrystal grown in the SuperMag Group in Warwick. Image size 1 mm.

9. RHEED pattern from NiSb(0001)-(4x4) grown by MBE.

10. Doing outreach at one of our Schools Science Festivals.

11. A spintronic interface: a Heusler alloy (top half) on Ge(111). Scale bar 1 nm. STEM image by Prof Vlado Lazarov.

12. Teaching at the MPAGS Hands-on Vacuum Science module 2019/20.