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Warwick Shootout... and Beyond (wooo)

The "most extreme film competition in the world", with the least interesting prize categories in the world. Basic idea: make a short film in 24 hours with only in-camera editing (i.e. you can top-and-tail, but everything else must be continuous and unedited - tricky if you like to cut between shots every second or two).

David Bordwell: “Norms help unambitious filmmakers attain competence.” (hereby truncated for the purposes of rhetorical distortion)

Videodrone are: Michel LeBlanc, Colin Odell, Elizabeth Billinger, Paul Billinger and my evil twin brother with the same name.

We are unrelated to Videodrome.
We unanimously feel that Apocalypse Now is rubbish.
Please watch, and love, Lisztomania.
If you are taking PX266 Geophysics, please watch Heart of the World.

2007: DiePod

Still the highest body count of any Shootout entry.

2008: Bridge over Troubled Slaughter

When pure caffeinated evil meets serious card games, there can be only one result...


2009: Gogglearth

Everybody's happy on Gogglearth. But could it be all an illusion*?

Not Shootout (2009-10): My Coventry

Winner of Best Apocrumentary at the Generic Imaginary Film Festival. This is the definitive history of Coventry.

* "All an illuuuuuuusion" - said in the style of Iwamatsu-san, playing the little wizard guy in Conan the Destroyer. He refers, of course, to the tower of, er... Toth-Amon, that's it - another wizard. Who is evil. And played by Pat Roach out of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. Pat Roach! What a superstar. Who else has got to beat up Arnie on camera dressed as an ape in red pyjamas? Very hands-on for a wizard. And he (Pat, not Toth-Amon) got to punch Harrison Ford a lot while he was trying to steal his plane in Raiders of the Lost Ark, before being chopped up by the propellers. Yes, him! You remember. But who is the best evil wizard? It must be Jeremy Irons in Dungeons and Dragons. Oh yeah... the gurning, the snarling... that's prime quality ultraham. "Enough talk!"