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Dr Ben Mcmillan

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Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

My specialisation is numerical and theoretical plasma physics, mostly in the domain of Magnetically confined fusion. I joined the Centre for Space, Fusion science and Astrophysics in April 2011.

My main project is the development and application of a gyrokinetic code, ORB5, for transport modelling in tokamaks, in collaboration with groups in Switzerland (EPFL), Germany (IPP), and at Culham Fusion Science Centre (UK). As part of this project, I will also continue modelling work on basic turbulence using simplified low dimensional approaches, examining turbulent structure formation and propagation. The long-term goal of this research is to understand and eventually improve the confinement properties of tokamaks. In particular, the flow modelling I will be performing may be able to explain and predict transport barriers, allowing for more rapid progress towards economic fusion energy.