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PhD Studentship on ATLAS 2021: New Higgs bosons

A Ph.D. studentship is available on the ATLAS experiment at CERN with the University of Warwick Particle Physics group. The Ph.D. project will cover two areas:

  1. Higgs boson searches. The Higgs boson discovered at LHC may well not be the only one existing. If there are others, their behaviours are much less predictable than the first, and therefore harder to find. This project is to search for a heavy Higgs boson (H3) decaying into a the H(125) and a third, lighter, Higgs which has weak couplings and has thus been overlooked. The enormous, and growing, dataset recorded by ATLAS allows rare searches with ever increasing sensitivity. The analysis will use decays of the lighter Higgs bosons into b quarks and tau leptons to identify them.
  2. A Ph.D. on ATLAS involves taking on a responsibility for detector operations or upgrade. The Warwick group is involved in building the ITk tracker to replace the current ATLAS tracking system in 2026, and the student will be expected to join in this work.

Contact Prof Bill Murray with enquiries: