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PhD Studentship on ATLAS 2021: Boosted Higgs to bb

A Ph.D. studentship is available on the ATLAS experiment at CERN with the University of Warwick Particle Physics group. The Ph.D. project will cover two areas:

  1. The momentum distribution of the Higgs boson is sensitive to new physics affecting its production. For example the gluon fusion loop normally dominating higgs production is though to contain top quarks, which anihilate to crate the Higgs. But if a heavier, coloured particle exists it too could contribute, and it would change particularly the highest-momentum Higgs production. Such rare events are best searched for in the most common decay mode, H->bb. So the main analysis would be to work on identifying H->bb and measuring the momentum spectrum. If possible the student will also look directly for new particles decaying to ZH or HH, using the techniques from the measurement.
  2. A Ph.D. on ATLAS involves taking on a responsibility for detector operations or upgrade. The performance of tracking and b-tagging in the high momentum jets characteristic of the signature above would make an ideal detector task for the student. As higher momentum Higgs and b are sought, the tracks beome more collimated and more difficult to reconstruct, while the b quarks live longer and may pass through part of the detector before decaying. Both factors contribute to an evolving complex problem.
Itshould be stressed this project is an example of the possible projects that could be undertaken; details may be changed.

Contact Prof Bill Murray with enquiries: