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Working Group Schedule
WG2 Session

August 7 (Tue)
11:00-12:30  S1:Neutrino Oscillations (Joint with WG1)
12:30-14:00: Lunch
14:00-16:00 S2 : Beam Uncertainties - Joint with WG1
1)14:00 S. Kopp (Texas) MINOS systematics 24 min
2)14:24 G. Catanesi (INFN,Bari) HARP status 24 min
3)14:48 J. Paley (Indiana) The status of the MIPP analysis 24 min
4)15:12 N. Abgrall (Geneva) NA61 - SHINE 24 min
5)15:36 J. Paley (Indiana) NOvA Near Detector R&D 24 min
5)16:00 N. Tanimoto (Duke) T2K 2km (WC and LAr) 24 min
16:30-17:00: Break
17:00-18:30 S3 :Theoretical Developments
1)17:00 H. Nakamura (Waseda) Low Energy Neutrino Interactions 30 min
2)17:30 J. Nieves (Granada) Weak Pion Production off the Nucleon 30 min
3)18:00 S.K. Singh (Arigarh Muslim) Nuclear effects in Neutrino Nuclear Cross-sections 30 min


August 8 (Wed)
11:00-12:30  S4: Neutrino-Electron Scattering
1)11:00 K. McFarland (Rochester) Introduction to Session 15 min
2)11:15 K. McFarland (Rochester) Latest NuTeV status 30 min
3)11:45 J. Conrad (Columbia) A new experimental proposal 30 min
12:30-14:00: Lunch
14:00-16:00 S5 : Current and Future Experimentals
1)14:00 C. Mariani (INFN Roma) Recent Results from the K2K detector 25 min
2)14:25 C. Polly (Indiana) Neutrino cross-section measurements in MiniBooNE 25 min
3)14:50 V. Nguyen (Columbia) NC pi0 production in miniBoone antineutrino data. 25 min
4)15:15 K. Hiraide (Kyoto) Status of SciBoone 25 min
5)15:40 R. Gran (Minnesotta,Duluth) Status of MINERvA 25 min
16:00-16:30: Break
16:30-18:00 S6: Joint Session with WG3/4


August 10 (Fri)
14:00-16:00  S7: Nuclear effects, DIS and PDFs
1)14:00 P.Soler (Glasgow) Particle production from a MICE target. 30 min
2)14:30 G.Mitsuka (ICRR) Monte Carlo Generotor for neutrino interactions 30 min
3)15:00 S. Kumano (KEK) Global NLO analysis of Nuclear PDFs 30 min
4)15:30 T.A. Shibata (Tokyo Tech) Polarized and unpolarized parton distribution functions in the nucleon
30 min
16:00-16:30: Break
16:30-18:00 S8: Free

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