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Warwick Week

"Warwick Week" is a week of graduate lectures hosted at the University of Warwick. Originally known as "Warwick Flavour Week", the content was originally focussed on flavour physics (flavour changing interactions of quarks, charged leptons and neutrinos). The physics content has recently been expanded, so "Flavour" has been dropped from the name.

Warwick Week 2011 will be held from Monday 11 April to Friday 15 April, inclusive.

The lecture courses to be given (with links to material from 2010 where available) are:

A preliminary timetable is available. All lectures will be in room P520A (see travel).

We expect participants from particle physics groups at the University of Birmingham, the University of Bristol, the University of Lancaster, the University of Liverpool, the University of Nottingham, University College Dublin and the University of Sheffield (as well as Warwick).

There is a separate web page with some details about accommodation, and another one with some details about travel.