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Warwick Flavour Week - Accommodation

There are a number of options available, with different costs, of course. Clearly anyone planning to commute (from Birmingham, probably) doesn't have to worry.

The cheapest option is to book a room in one of the colleges. These are open over the Easter vacation. The booking form can be found at

The cost would be 20.00 pounds per night and is the cheapest way to do things. The minimum stay is 5 nights.

The next cheapest way to do things is to book into a hotel room in one of the surrounding towns. Many people prefer a hotel in Coventry or Leamington Spa - both of which are a single bus ride away from the University. Many prefer to stay in the towns as they have access to restaurants and the like. Information of local hotels can be found

In some previous years students have decided to book accommodation in a group in a small hotel in Earlsdon near the University. They seemed to enjoy it. If you are interesting in going down this route, it is recommended to talk to each other and try to book at a single place. If nothing else, you'll get to know each other and can go out to eat as a group.

In general the local hotels and B&Bs cost anywhere from 40 pounds and up per night, depending on how luxurious you want to get.

The final option is to book into the on-campus conference centers. Warwick Conferences runs several good hotels in Scarman House and Radcliffe House. These are not cheap - coming in at 118 quid a night, but if your tastes and budget run in that direction there are rooms available. Should you wish a room we can talk to the conference people and organise something.

Whatever you do, please keep us informed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Steve Boyd on (0)24-765-73876 or email