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Spin qubits in a levitated diamond

Diamond in tractor beamWe are working with theorist Sougato Bose (UCL) towards testing the quantum nature of gravity using levitating microdiamonds containing nitrogen-vacancy (NV-) centres. We would like to put the spin of an NV- centre into a superposition and then an inhomogeneous magnetic field should put the microdiamond into a spatial superposition. The photo shows one of our levitated nanodiamonds as a green dot (due to the green laser light we are shining onto it). James March, Karishma Gokani and Anis Rahman are working on this in Warwick.

We have a five-year project called MAST-QG (Macroscopic superpositions towards witnessing the quantum nature of gravity) which is a collaboration with Yale, Northwestern, UCL and Groningen. This is funded by the Moore Foundation and the Sloan Foundation.

More details are in our papers:

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