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Silicon Quantum Information Processing Meeting: SiQIP 2011

Date: 6th May 2011


Venue: University of Cambridge, Clare College.

Scope: This meeting brought together researchers interested in silicon qubits. Topics covered included experimental and theoretical approaches to quantum spin control, device fabrication and electronic transport.

Program: The format was designed to leave plenty of time for informal discussion.

Introduction Andrew Ferguson   10:00
Spectroscopy I Stephanie Simmons Spin entanglement in silicon 10:05
  Gavin Morley

Electrically-detected magnetic resonance at high magnetic fields

  Richard George Quantum memory using bismuth donors in silicon 11:00

Coffee break

Nanofabrication Hiroshi Mizuta Silicon nanofabrication in Southampton 11:35
  Neil Curson Studying dopants in silicon with STM 12:05
  Stephen Schofield Bound states of interacting dangling bonds in silicon 12:25
Lunch break     12:45-13:45
Electrical transport Gary Ternent Silicon based nanoelectronics capability at Glasgow 13:45
  Dominik Heiss Electrical transport through dopant clusters 14:10

Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba

A dopant/quantum dot hybrid system 14:30
  David Willams SOI structures for QIP 14:50
Coffee/discussion     15:20-15:40
Spectroscopy II Ben Murdin

Coherent control of THz frequency orbital transitions in silicon donors for QIP

  Wei Wu Exchange interactions among defects in silicon 16:10

Discussion/meeting closed


Organisers: Andrew J Ferguson (University of Cambridge) and Gavin W Morley (UCL)