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Klaus von Klitzing visit 28. Jan 04

Schedule 27-29 Jan 2004

Time Place Name Topic
Tu 17:35 BHX airport VIP arrival
Tu 19:30 Harringtons (Kenilworth) Roemer dinner
We 09:00 PS129 Roemer arrival
We 09:30 P566 Cooper Research in the Department
We 10:00 PS136 d'Ambrumenil QH theory
We 11:00 P544 Leadley QH experiments, Si/SiGe
We 12:30 P564 Roemer lunch
We 13:30 P429 Bell, McConville Surface Science
We 14:30 P236 Balakrishnan, Paul, Petrenko Exp. condensed matter
We 15:30     research
We 16:00 PS common room Roemer coffee
We 16:30 PLT Roemer talk
We 19:00 Simpsons (Kenilworth) Roemer, Woodruff, Paul dinner
Th 05:00 Scarman house -> BHX VIP departure