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Making Changes to the New Staff Page


  • Prepare the photo in an image editor of your choice (MS Paint is suitable), so that it is the same aspect ratio as the other photos (the ratio is exactly 20:27 but as long as the image looks about the same as the others then it will be fine
  • Select "Edit Centre Content" from the Edit menu at the top right of the screen.
  • Click in the empty cell you wish to place an image, and select the "Image Picker" option from the toolbar at the top
  • This will open a new window.  Select the "Your Computer" tab.
Image Picker
  • Fill in the Image Description as the name of the member of staff, and set the width and height to 200 and 270.
  • Click Browse and find the file to be uploaded.
  • Click Insert


  • Copy the text from a different cell into the cell underneath the picture. (this is to retain the fonts and formatting options)
  • Change the text as required