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Dr Christoph Langenbruch

I am a Marie-Curie research fellow at the University of Warwick working on the LHCb experiment at CERN.
My research project "NP in FCNCs at LHCB" centres of the search for phenomena beyond the Standard Model with rare B-meson decays.

Research interests

My research intersts are in the field of flavour physics, in particular the search for phenomena beyond the Standard Model of particle physics using rare decays of heavy flavour.
I am currently convener of the electroweak penguin sub-working group at the LHCb experiment.
Electroweak penguin decays are semileptonic rare decays that have a particularly rich phenomenology and provide many observables sensitive to New Physics.
I am also the author of the LHCb online event display.

Selection of recent publications

  • "Angular analysis of the B0->K*0 mu+mu- decay", JHEP 02 (2016) 104, arXiv:1512.04442
  • "Angular analysis and differential branching fraction of the decay Bs->phi mu+ mu-", JHEP 09 (2015) 179, arXiv:1506.08777
  • "Angular analysis of the decay B0->K*0 mu+mu-", LHCb-CONF-2015-002,, presented at the Moriond Electroweak 2015 conference, arXiv:1505.04160
  • "First observations of the rare decays B+->K+ pi+ pi- mu+ mu- and B+->phi K+ mu+ mu-", JHEP 10 (2014) 064, arXiv:1408.1137
  • "Differential branching fraction and angular analysis of the decay Bs->phi mu+ mu-", JHEP 07 (2013) 084, arXiv:1305.2168