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My Teaching

Electronics Workshops

I demonstrate the Electronics workshops for first (PX140) and second year (PX271) undergraduate students in the University of Warwick.


Workshop for 1st year

This course is divided into four workshops, each of which occupy a five-hour laboratory session. I demonstrate only the first and third of them.

  • Workshop 1 (DC and AC circuits)

The experimental work involved in this workshop is intended to help students undestand how simple circuits respond to DC or AC voltages. In order to accomplish this students have to build voltage dividers, high and low pass filters and a rectifying circuit in a prototyping board.

  • Workshop 3 (The operational amplifier and negative feedback)

In this workshop students are asked to build basic electronic circuits such as non-inverting/inverting/summing/differential amplifiers, buffer circuits and integrating/differentiating circuits, using an operational amplifier.

My role in these workshops is to facilitate the construction of the circuits and support identifying the malfunction(s) of any circuit. In addition to this, I mark student's lab books.


Workshop for 2nd year

This course is intended to help students design and build three electronic circuits; Unregulated DC supply, Positive variable power supply, and Negative variable power supply.

My role in this workshop is to assist students answering lab script questions, help them understanding circuit schematics and support identifying the malfunction(s) of a circuit.

Currently, I am in charge of marking all students' circuits once the workshop has finished. In addition to this, I mark student's lab books.


Please feel free to explore the link on the left column or click here to have a look of some useful documents with information regarding these workshops.

Additional Information

I completed the "Postgraduate Award: Introduction to Academic and Professional Practice Part 1", in order to prepare myself for demonstrating.

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