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Oksana Trushkevych

Oksana is a Senior Research Fellow in the Ultrasonics Group. Her research interests cover ultrasonics, materials characterisation and soft matter. She is focusing on advancing recent developments in the area of electromagnetic acoustic transducers and laser ultrasonics for defect detection and characterisation for robotic inspection of large and remote structures. She is also developing sensitive soft matter-based materials for ultrasound visualisation. These projects are funded by RCNDE, and this work is done together with Dr Rachel Edwards.

Oksana has recently won 2nd prize in Early Career Flash Talk Competition by RCNDE for her ulrasound visualisation work (June 2017).

Oksana is a module leader for The Science of Music interdisciplinary module.


Research experience

Her previous research in the Ultrasonics Group at Warwick was focusing on pushing the capabilities of current ultrasonic techniques and applying them to solid state physics problems such as magnetic phases in single crystals. Another area of her research was concerned with vibrational properties of single crystal Ge mebmranes. Oksana also worked on developing new type of ultrasonic sensors with low cost, large area and having high resolution, for applications in Energy Industry, such as monitoring safety-critical components and structures, reducing failures in high power electronics and making a step change in the speed and cost of inspection (funded by the Warwick University Energy GRP Research Award, Materials GPR research award). She also had experience working for a spin-off company Sonemat on Thermography inspection for Additive Manufacturing.

Prior to joining the Ultrasound group in 2011, Oksana worked on Graphene membrane characterisation using Raman spectroscopy. She also focused on UV Raman spectroscopy of amorphous and diamond-like carbons, Graphene and various nanomaterials and nanostructures as well as on optical Raman Tweezing while working with the Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Group at Cambridge University.

She has a signifcant experience in soft matter, in particular in Liquid Crystals, and in Photonics. Over the period of over 8 years, as a PhD student and then Research Associate, she focused on the Photonics as well as on microwave and THz properties of Liquid Crystals and Liquid Crystal based nanocomposite materials, and their device applications within the Photonics and Sensors Group at Cambridge University.

Most significant publications

My Google Scholar publications stats are here; full historic publications list is here;
most significant publications are llisted below:

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International patent application PCT/GB2007/001784, publication number WO 2007/132230 A1
(US no. 60/800,532)
Method of operating an OASLM and holographic display system

International Patent Application PCP/GB2017/052869, publication number WO 2018/189498
Packaged and enhanced EMAT Ultrasonic NDT System

Fun things

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Contact details:

Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Office: P 158
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