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PULSE 2016

Following on from the PULSE results shared with staff in April, we are now working on our action plan, ready for implementation from July onwards. If you have any questions or suggestions for developing Physics action plan, please contact Ayesha Rahman.

Issues Arising From Pulse
  • Who to Really Contact
    We have a number of resource accounts but to see who does what, a full list of duties for admin staff can be found on their individual webpages here.
  • Recognition for Out of Hours/Weekend Working e.g. Open Days
    We appreciate the hard work and time given by staff to help run events out of normal working hours and at weekends. In line with HR policy, staff on grades 1-5 can be paid overtime or take the time in lieu. Staff on Grades 6-9, can take the time in lieu. Please see your line manager or Ayesha Rahman for further information.
  • Work/Life Balance
You Said, We Did
  • Improve Alumni Engagement
    We will be sending an annual newsletter to our Alumni starting this year
  • Increase Engagement with Senior University Staff
    We will invite Senior University Staff to our staff meetings and social events throughout the year, e.g. Staff BBQ, Christmas Dinner.