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Helen Barrett

"I can’t recommend this MSc enough. Not only has it strengthened my academic knowledge, but also my clinical experience through the 6-month placement. To work within a clinical setting, in a multi-disciplinary team, was an absolute privilege and gave me the opportunity to understand what it would be like to work as a Clinical Psychologist.

Academically, I found the lecturers, supervisors and D.Clin Psych students to be really supportive and helpful. It felt very different to my undergraduate course, due to there being a much smaller cohort, and a really personal approach taken by all staff. I always felt I could go to them and seek advice.

Since finishing the course in September 2015, I secured an Assistant Psychologist post as part of the Kent and Medway Partnership Trust, and have recently accepted a place on the Salomons Canterbury Christ Church University Clinical Doctorate course for the 2017 intake. I would not have been able to do this without the MSc course. It has been a journey, but I could not have got to where I am if it wasn't for studying Clinical Applications of Psychology at the University of Warwick."

Leanne Ong

“The course has given me the best grounding in working in Clinical Psychology. The combination of teaching and placement enabled me to apply my knowledge and build up skills as an Assistant Psychologist. The tutors and guest speakers are made the learning engaging and manageable for me to study with a part time job. This course set me up really well to gain my first AP job, and to subsequently getting on the Doctorate. Thank you Warwick!”

Kirsty Thorpe

"Before finishing the course I was offered a job as a Graduate Mental Health Worker in South London IAPT. I have now been in post for 5 weeks, and my role involves triaging clients to assess their suitability for our service, and providing low intensity CBT-based interventions in both a one-to-one and group setting.
I feel that the MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology was a massive factor in securing my current job as the placement provided invaluable clinical experience which I was able to draw on in my interview. The academic aspects of the course were also helpful in enhancing my understanding of CBT which I am able to apply this in my everyday work.
It was a fantastic feeling knowing that a job was secured before finishing the course so I would definitely recommended starting your applications early if you possibly can!"

Clare Barker

"Following the MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology at the University of Warwick I accepted the post of NHS Research Fellow for CLAHRC (Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care) and Youthspace. Youthspace offer advice and support on youth mental health, aiming to raise awareness, challenge discrimination and promote positive mental health in young people. The project I am working on is a public mental health initiative targeting the delays in the treatment of psychosis in young people. I support and evaluate a number of public health and awareness interventions, targeting young people, carers and professionals working with young people, across Birmingham’s diverse communities."

Sarah Collins

"Before embarking on the MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology I spent 18 months as an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Tutor in a school for children diagnosed with autism. This experience, along with some other short stints of voluntary work, confirmed my plans to pursue a career in the field of Clinical Psychology. With expert lecturers in a broad range of child, adult and older adult modules, teaching from Clinical Doctorate students and an invaluable six-month honorary work placement with the NHS; this course has been an incredibly worthwhile and enjoyable preparatory experience for the D. Clin. Psych. Programme. On completion of the MSc course I began to apply for various Assistant Psychologist and clinically relevant Research Assistant posts. Although I have found this process to be challenging and highly competitive, I was pleasantly surprised to advance to the interview stages of several applications. Following a couple of unsuccessful interviews I secured my ideal position as a research assistant with the Centre for Research in Eating Disorders at Oxford University. If it were not for the particularly relevant teaching and experience I gained during my time on the MSc I would not have stood a chance of being offered this exciting position. Consequently I would highly recommend the MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology to anyone considering a career in the competitive field of Clinical Psychology."

Kim Vassallo

"I had a positive experience during my time on the MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology, especially with respect to the breadth of the content covered in the modules (e.g. Ranging from child and older adults to statistics and qualitative research) and the 6 month placement. The latter has been invaluable in giving me hands-on experience working in a mental health setting and that in turn opened many doors and confirmed my passion for pursuing psychology. I also really liked that our cohort was small which allowed for an intimate teaching setting and facilitated the interaction with staff and lecturers. More generally, Warwick University is a very friendly and welcoming campus so I would definitely recommend this course and university to others!"

Saimah Yasmin

"My experience at Warwick has been exciting, yet challenging. The Case studies sessions were very useful and I found those to be the most useful thing of the whole course. This was because it gave a good understanding of how to apply psychological theory in the real setting and fit with the course title. In all, studying at Warwick has been an exciting year for me as I have met new people and have made good contacts with other lecturers at Warwick. I would recommend any student to take up this course as the Placement itself provides invaluable experience working within a mental health setting, which can be very hard for fresh undergraduates to experience unless they have worked as an assistant psychologist.

Before enrolling on the course, I worked as a Research Assistant within the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, which I continued to do part time whilst completing the MSc Course. I have recently started working as a clinical studies officer on a part time basis. This role enables me to liaise with a number of mental health trusts and with mental health professionals who are part of the Mental Health Research Network (MHRN/NIHR) to support a number of different national studies to help meet recruitment targets.

In October 2012, I will be commencing my new role as a Trainee Psychological Well-being Practitioner with Birmingham Healthy Minds. This is a one year training contract at the end which I will be awarded with a PG Certificate as a Low intensity Psychological well-being therapist and will continue to work as a low intensity therapist."

Nicola Williamson

"I'd definitely like to add a comment to this as my placement has opened up a lot of doors for me. At present I have managed to secure the following posts as direct result of my placement:

1) A paid assistant psychologist post in physical health. A band 5 post 3 days per week for 12 months at George Eliot Hospital. I will be working within all areas including with individuals who are suffering from stroke and running psycho-educational groups for individuals suffering from chronic pain.

2) A continuation of my current placement 2 days per week to cover work load until October. This will also be paid. I am currently involved in undertaking neuropsychological assessments and cognitive rehab for individuals suffering from traumatic brain injury as part of a major trauma pathway.

3) I have also been offered private paid assistant psychology work for a therapist in Leamington Spa undertaking EEG biofeedback treatment with individuals suffering from physiological based problems such as overarousal or anxiety.

In addition to this in September I have the opportunity to volunteer with an ex-consultant clinical neuropsychologist who is undertaking Equine Therapy utilising horses as a therapeutic tool for children with challenging behaviour.

So all extremely exciting and I have my placement to thank for it all!"

Katherine Madden

"Overall I found my time at Warwick to be extremely rewarding. The standard of work was a step up from undergraduate, however I found the volume of work to be more of a challenge than the level of difficulty. The course content was fantastic and extremely interesting as it really helped me to apply my knowledge from undergraduate to clinical cases. The case studies module was exceptionally interesting as it gave us the chance to hear about real clinical cases from current doctorate level students. Finally, the staff at Warwick were very helpful and always available for support. The placement component of the course was brilliant and I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to work with a clinical psychologist in an NHS setting. It helped me further understand the role of a clinical psychologist and allowed me to work with people with a range of mental health illnesses.

Overall, I am extremely glad I chose to do the MSc at Warwick. I feel my knowledge of psychology has increased immensely and I now have a far better understanding of the role of psychology in the NHS. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering a career in Clinical Psychology as I now feel far more prepared to apply for assistant psychologist posts than I did prior to this course. I have an honorary assistant psychologist post lined up for September, working in IAPT with adults with low to medium mental health illnesses. I will also be working two days a week as a play specialist."